Rocket ~A Biography On Rocket~

Adopting Rocket

Rocket was a kitten who was found on the street. Luckily, she was rescued by a person from an Adoption Center, and was taken well care of. We saw this cute little kitten on their adoption site and we immediately fell in love with her! After one day we decided we wanted to adopt her so we applied for it. After that, the adoption center told us we were welcome to adopt her after Rocket was 10 weeks old.

Getting Rocket

The moment was finally here... Today is the day... Its time to... PICK ROCKET UP!! We hopped in the car, we were very excited to get Rocket! On the way there we stopped at a pet shop to buy some things for her. It was a long dirve, alothough it was worth it!

Seeing Rocket For The First Time

When we arrived there, I went inside to see Rocket, and sure enough there she was huddled up on the couch with her brother Pumba! We then took her and put her in her little bed and drove her home!

First Days pt.1

The first thing we did was we brought her into my parents room and set up her toys so she could make herself at home. At first she "investigated" the room and then she started playing with a laser! Then my friend came over and we played together with Rocket until late.

Rocket Playing
First Days pt.2

The next day i woke up an I couldn't find Rocket! I looked for her EVERYWHERE in the house but i still couldn't find her until... From the bathroom i saw a little black furry ball on the shelf and when i went up close who do you think it was?

Thats right it was Rocket!

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