From the beginning, God has been working and leading High Tide Church. What began in 2002, as a group of eight people, at the home of Andy and Tanya Ehlers, has grown to a church body of nearly 300. The establishment of High Tide Church (HTC) and its continual growth has all been because of the leading, strength and will of God. All praise and glory to God!

Throughout this journey, HTC has never had a building to call home. But that is all changing. Through constant prayer and God's constant leading, we are at the point of our groundbreaking event called Cornerstone. Yes! It's true! After almost 20 years, HTC is building a building. A place to call home! But, this is just the beginning. This building is more than a building; it is a tool that will be used to share the love of Christ with everyone, and to share the gospel with everyone. We are commanded to go out to the ends of the earth and to share the gospel message with all people [Matthew 28:19-20]. Jesus IS our Cornerstone, and our new HTC home is built upon this Cornerstone, which is the Truth of Jesus. [Act 4:11]

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, it was done because God said it would be done. It was not the might of man that stopped the flowing waters of the Jordan River, it was through God's power and presence.

The twelve stones serve as a reminder for us. This building is being constructed, not because of the might of man, but by the power of God. As we look forward to Cornerstone: The High Tide Church Groundbreaking Event, we must give all praise and glory to our Father. Just as the Israelites crossed the Jordan because of God's power, our new home is being built by God's power.

To learn more about the twelve stones, read Joshua chapters three and four in your Bible. Another resource to help answer questions is GotQuestions.org. [twelve stones]

Please join us on Sunday, May 16, 2021, at 2pm, for Cornerstone: The High Tide Church Groundbreaking Ceremony. Click below to RSVP. The address of this event is: Nine Foot Road, Dagsboro, DE 19939 - approximately one quarter mile from the intersection of Rt. 113 and Nine Foot Road. [Rain Date: May 23, 2021]

  • 2:00pm // Welcome by Pastor Andy Ehlers
  • 2:05pm // Opening Prayer
  • 2:15pm // Worship Music
  • 2:25pm // The Twelve Stones
  • 2:35pm // Groundbreaking
  • 2:50pm // Closing Prayer
  • 3:00pm // Event Ends
We began meeting at Andy and Tanya Ehlers' home in 2002. The group of eight quickly grew to be a group of over 38. So, three months later we were meeting in our new location at Lord Baltimore Elementary School in Ocean View. Our dream for HTC has always included having a building of our own. We had this dream from day one, but God's timing is perfect and although we thought it would be sooner, God had different plans for HTC. Our next move was in 2005, to the Roxana Volunteer Fire Company, in Frankford. We remained at this location for eight years, but then it was time to move again. This time, we were at the John M. Clayton Elementary School where we gathered weekly for more than seven year. A team of faithful servants would bring in the instruments, set up the sound, lights, bring in tables - anything we needed. We had been doing this since the beginning, and quite honestly we were getting pretty good at it! But again, God has plans. Enter COVID19. We could no longer meet at the John M. Clayton Elementary School, and because everything was shut down, we stopped meeting in-person for a few months to follow safety guidelines. When it was time to start meeting in-person again, we had to find yet another location. This brought us back to the Roxana Volunteer Fire Company. And this is where we are now. . . until. . .the building is complete. At least that's our plan! But it's all in God's hands and wherever He leads we will follow. No matter what, we know God is leading our church and we give all praise and glory to Him!

We hope to see you on May 16, 2021, at 2pm, for Cornerstone: The High Tide Church Groundbreaking Event. Please be sure to RSVP. This is an outdoor event and will last approximately one hour. Please dress appropriately for the weather and construction site conditions. There will be parking at the construction site, but please remember, that this not paved - carpooling is recommended! Due to Covid guidelines, space is limited so please RSVP early! [Rain Date: May 23, 2021]

Things to Remember: Cornerstone is an outdoor event. Please remember that we will be standing on dirt and some uneven ground. Also, this one-hour event will have no seating. If you feel you need a chair, please bring one. We will help you get it out of your car and set it up if needed.

Artist’s rendition of the new High Tide Church building being constructed on Nine Foot Road in Dagsboro. Construction is set to begin in mid-2021, and conclude by spring 2022. Credit: High Tide Church.