The Qualities of a True Monster By.Dominique,coleman

"I did not hear one hand was stretched out, seemingly to detain me ,But I escaped run rushed downstairs" (Pg.70) Victor abandoned him after he made and made him feel unloved because he was scared of the horrible face he have created.

"I had seen blooming and active in health stretched on the grass livid and motionless the point of thermometers fingers was on his neck. " (pg93) Victor's brother William came up missing but was later found murdered. which Frankenstein planed the murder so he can blame someone for the murder.

"William is dead ! that sweet child whose smiles delight and wanted my heart who was genetic yet to gay! victor, he is." "MURDERED" (pg94) But, to victor the death of his brother, and wife was unbreakable and he couldn't take he had to do some evil and sadness came along him.

"The soothing voice of my Elizabeth and the conversation of clerical will be over whispers in my ear" (pg268) victors wife was something special to him and he couldn't live without her but for "Frankenstein" to kill her was horrible and he didn't know what to do he became ill.

"My work nearly complete Neither your nor any man's death is needed to consummate the series of being and accomplish which must be done" (pg268) Victor knows Frankenstein will try and kill him later on in the book but he wants to found him before he kills again.


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