By:Macy Parker Figurative LANGUAGE

Simile: It is two things being compared with the words like, or as. Example: I was as cool as a cucumber.

Metaphor: A figure of speech that compares two things, and is stronger than a simile. Example: My brother was boiling mad.

Personification: is giving a non human thing a human quality. Example: The Alarm Clock Screamed Bloody Murder.

Hyperbole: is were you over exaggerate things. Example: I have been waiting in line for thousands of years.

Onomatopoeia: is a noise someone or somethings makes. Example: Batman hit the guy, and he went splat right on his back.

Allusion: is a old event that happen, or someone famous. Example: You fight like Spongebob.

Idiom: is a figure of speech witch dose not really mean what it says. Example: Hold Your Horses.

Alliteration: is where almost every word starts with the same letter. Example: The Monkey Moved Mighty Fast.

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