AutoCad Abdul-Samad Balaj (100492559)


Learning Experience

Auto Cad is a Software which is used in the architectural industry. I was gladly lucky and blessed enough to take this course. Course has taught me a lot of things and left me with good amount of learning experience regarding Auto Cad and the architectural companies.

Many of the roles included creating mechanical models which would allows used to understand different features of the software. These models that were created were a replica of real size house, cars, and any other structural buildings etc.

We were required to create bridges which would be able to hold certain amount of weight without breaking. The teacher allowed us to utilize our knowledge and life experience in order to creative with the software and use our past knowledge, opinion and experiences. It was a lot easier for adult learners like us to use the theoretical concepts learned inside the classroom into real- life situations. Which allowed us students to learn in a lot more efficient manner.

Teaching methods

Self- Directed

Adult learning is self- directed so the teacher was very effective when it came to the way he taught all the students. He gave all the students the freedom to assume responsibility for their own choices and when it came to workload he made sure all the students were very proactive in making decisions and in participating. We would also use the psycho motor skill , where as students we would mimic the teacher's movement repeatedly, with feedback until the software feature was mastered.

Relevancy- Oriented

Many of the ways our professor teaching methods were to engage directly to achieving our personal learning objectives, which resulted us in being inspired and motivated to engage in projects and be successful .


As adult learners, its very crucial to have collaboration with their instructors. This allows adult learners to be more productive, therefore when their contribution is also accepted they are willing to put out their best work.

Discussion Groups

Our class consisted with group work and discussion groups, allowed all the adult learners to have an input which was accepted and acknowledged. Which allows all the students to open up more and have opinions which people would consider. Having the social interaction , builds encouragement within the class and builds higher order thinking skills which always critical to academic and employment success.

Simulations and Games

When it came out to testing out the different structural buildings and their capability of weight, we tested it out on different simulation programs and also vary of games which was used in order to attract the students. A lot of frequent activities also helps students to stay engaged in the learning, allowed the students to extend, apply and allowed us to master our craft with the software. Having active learning makes the class a lot more interesting for the students and teacher.


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