Dani Darling Singer/Songwriter

"...to hear the voice of Ann Arbor-based singer/songwriter Dani Darling, is to attain a new understanding of just how potent those pure emotions were when they exuded by jazz icons like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald..." -Jeff Milo (Detroit Free Press Journalist)

Some people are what we call, "old souls". They have a touch of nostalgia or grace that runs deep. You can feel this phenomenon in the words and vocals of Dani Darling; a jazzy chanteuse from Ann Arbor, MI with an experimental lo-fi sound that is intimate and poetic. Her influences are Billie Holiday, Old Hollywood movie scores, love, and the Universe - but this singer/songwriter's goal isn't to take you back in time; its to bring you into her whimsical world where time is like an old tune made new. She has worked as a collaborating artist with The Black Opera as "SoulGalaxyGirl", and is Current Magazine's "Artist to Watch in 2019". She performs with her band "the Dreamers", and has just released her first official single and video "2:22" to critical acclaim from Nylon Magazine, and The Singers Room. "2:22" was also selected for screening at the A2 Tech Film Festival January 2019. Darling's next release "nocturnes." is a lo-fi dream sequence EP, and will be releasing Spring 2019.


  • Email - danidarlingmusic@gmail.com
  • Phone - 773.398.2085
  • Instagram - @soulgalaxygirl
  • Website - www.soulgalaxygirl.com
  • Facebook - Dani Darling
  • Twitter - @soulgalaxygirl


Photo by: Nikki Davis

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