Exploding glass By; Zach and Luke

The Exploding glass is a simple machine. The machine sends a signal up in the air by a balloon. The balloon can signal for help or signal someone. The machine is small and compact.

It is easy to operate the machine.

The steps in the machine are very simple.

A marble is dropped and transfers gravitational energy to the mousetrap.

The mousetrap transfers kinetic energy to the weight and knocks it off the trap

The string attached to the weight transfers gravitational energy to another weight.

The other weight falls and transfers gravitational energy to the golf ball

The golf ball gives off sound energy and the golf ball moves and transfers gravitational energy to the balloon to rise because nothing is holding it down.

The parts of the machine include a marble, mousetrap, 2 weights, string, heluim balloon, and light bulb.

The Hardest part of the project was setting the mousetraps for the first time, Zach had a minor heart attack. The parts that didint work well were the bulbs we broke them. The best part was when we watched the balloon go up in the air the golfball and balloon worked really well.

Luke and Zach worked really well together. We divided tasks evenly, Zach filmed and help set up the balloon. Luke set the mousetraps and dropped the ball.

We used a peg with string to act as a pulley, and a mousetrap as our simple machines.

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Luke Lawless



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