Why work for FBISD BY:Cayla JOnes

Alexander Meng. Head Softball Coach as well as Freshman Biology Teacher.

Fort Bend is a great school district. It has a wide variety of clubs and organizations. Its a place where anybody can be somebody.

We asked Coach Meng what he liked best about Fort Bend Independent School District and he responded with its diversity as well as its environment.

We also asked what his most precious past time was being here and he responded with "becoming Coach of the Year his very first year being here."

We asked him if he could describe Fort Bend in 3 words and he responded with " Delightful, welcoming, and positive."

In conclusion, Fort Bend is an inspiring place full of opportunities to be anything youd like to be. We have people to help you out every step of the way and thats how a family is supposed to be

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