South Carolina By:alivia

South Carolina has a subtropical climate which means very hot summers and mild winters.

Wheat, peaches, squash, and corn are the top 4 known foods in South Carolina.

The first main resource is striped bass which they catch on the eastern coast of South Carolina.

Another main resource in South Carolina is cotton.

The last main resource in South Carolina is soybeans.

This is South Carolina state flag. It is more beautiful in flag form.

One of the tourist attractions is Riverbanks Zoo. There are over 350 different species of animals and 2,000 animals over all.

Another tourist attraction is Myrtle beach. This is a beautiful sunset on the beach.

During the summer Myrtle beach puts up a fair with many different rides and games.

This is South Carolina's state tree, the palmetto.
This is South Carolina's state flower, the carolina yellow jessamine.

South Carolina's state moto is: While I Breathe I Hope.

The state nickname is the Palmetto state

Hurricane Hugo was one very important historical event.

Another very important historical event was the civil war.

One famous person born in South Carolina is Andrew Jackson, our 7th president of the United States. My last famous person is James Brown a singer was also born in South Carolina.


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