Liam performing live at a beach party in April 2017


One of the many artists on the Okinawa based music label and multimedia group, DemiGraphix Int., also the head event planner at Okinawa's Very Own. Hailing straight out of Lake Worth, Florida, Liam; real name, William Hill, doesn't consider himself a rapper. Simply an artist and entertainer, with several projects under his belt. Liam receives his influences from the authenticity in hip hop and has been considered at times a Backpack Rapper. When it comes to music and events, Liam has been considered innovative and outside of the box, not following the status quo. Well known on the Okinawa event scene, Liam can be found hosting events and performing on all parts of the island. Also with merchandise taking shelfs in clubs and clothing stores, yet is best know for the authentic feels coming from his music.

You Will Never Die Music Video Shoot
Vibes Mixtape
Cheers Photoshoot
Created By
William Hill


Photo creds(in order) Bland Jamal Williams Tech Ninja Productions Okinawa's Very Own Cherif Dagraca Howard

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