Jessie c. About me....🙃🙃🙃

Hi as seen my name is Jessie, Im 17 and a Senior. I live in Hartford and go to Hartford Highscool. Some hobbies, and interests of mine are drawing anime, my own creatures or ones that already exist. I like video games and will play any game if i have the time usually Im busy but when i get some time to play a video game I choose to play Overwatch, its a really fun game I think and pretty addictive. I like watching anime any genre really and I watch people on youtube like scary things or funny things like top 5 or markiplier stuff like that. I was also inspired to improve my art skills mainly because of anime and the feeling of me drawing something then finishing it with details and looking at it all together makes me feel good and amazed at what i can do.

My Coffee Logo
Business Card and Letter Head

That first picture was for fun, its a glowing jelly fish alien creature. Pikachu was made for the Negative space project and idk i thought it would be fun too try out some color pencils so I did. The whales were for composition study and it was pretty cool to make the whale in different positions. The butterfly was for fun and i think it looks pretty. Then the Plus Ultra was a Typography sketch and it turned out like that and then the eye was for the eye project and I added a skull in the iris just for fun. I used ink on all of them because I like using ink but i really wanna try practicing my coloring skills with marker and color pencil still needs some work.