Running Through Obstacles the stress of school impacting students' mental health

“It’s undeniable that there can be negative impacts; students that strive to do their best often become troubled and worried, leading to a degrading mind unable to work properly (PRHS 11th grader).”

Some high school students make the efforts to graduate high school and move onto college. However many difficulties can come through with trying to pass high school; the attendance and workload of Honors/AP classes could take a toll students taking the class(es). With the class(es) being taken and outside extracurricular activities it can cause a stress to the mental capacity of what one person is able to achieve and be happy with their results.

“‘A little stress is a good thing...but too much stress can backfire,’” stated in the NPR website. The source also provided American Psychological Association’s survey projected that 45 percent of teens said that they were stressed by school pressures. The chronic stress that is causes to the student can make the have a sense of panic and feeling stuck by the deadend. The student is alone and thinking that there is no one there for them, but there is. School counselors, teachers, friends, and parents can emotionally help the high school student into different path that will lead to the end of tunnel. There is always a way out to the dark hole but what you could do is talk and lend a hand out to be lifted up.

In a Paso Robles High School survey taken by 166 students, a quote was found about how the competition between students could cause a toll to their mental health:

“I feel like I have to compete with my fellow students and when I am unable to surpass them, I feel insecure and unsure of my intelligence.”

The mental strain of telling yourself that you are better and could do better can ultimately just become false hope and not really change anything in what you think.An example of this is a junior at Paso Robles High School, Jiseelle Jimenez, was taking AP Physics 1 her sophomore year. She stated, “I found it hard to keep up with the content and my day was packed from 5 am to midnight, sometimes more… I had track and field which limited my time greatly and having AP Physics to keep up with and Honors Pre-Calc and Honors English deemed impossible.”

“I noticed a drop in my grades, in personal health, and a growing annoyance for people and life.”

Through her journey Jiseelle Jimenez made sure she had the support she needed from teacher, friends, and family to her get her life back in tack. Also, taught her to have discipline and determination that could help her in the journey of success.

The amount of strain and motivation that students take through is crazy to think of, but with a good support system discipline, they are able to get through it and not alone.

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