IC Plus Upholstery™ No Tears. No Punctures. No cracks.

Have you seen this in your hospitals, clinics, or long term care homes?

Cracks, punctures, tears, and delamination. Don’t let premature upholstery failures eat into your budget, ruin the guest experience, and increase the risk of Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs).
Infection prevention and control, occupational health and safety and environmental services must be involved in decision-making regarding choices of equipment, furniture and finishes in health care settings.*

* PIDAC: Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning for Prevention and Control of Infections | April 2018.

Proprietary to healtHcentric, IC Plus Upholstery™ is specifically formulated for the healthcare industry to provide the most durable, cleanable and impermeable medical-grade surface.

With IC Plus Upholstery™, it's possible to remove as much as 98.68% of pathogens from your furniture using hospital-grade cleaners. That's about 30% more than what you would expect from cleaning medical-grade vinyl.

The Life Time Savings with Our Exceptionally Durable Designs

With healtHcentric, you buy your healthcare seating once, and you can use it for years. Thanks to our IC Plus Upholstery, we’re able to manufacture seating with durability-boosting features such as:

healtHcentric was essential to the procurement of furniture for our Vaccine Clinics in response to the COVID19 pandemic. We greatly appreciate the commitment and efforts.

Eszter Katona, UHN FM-PRO Infrastructure

healtHcentric waiting room seating, installed at Toronto General Hospital.