Prescription Drugs Christian Roth and Gianna Chapman

Prescription drugs are pharmaceutical drugs that must be prescribed by a doctor and obtained over the counter.

Prescription drugs were first introduced as heroin in the 1800s. Heroin was first found to be safe but over time became known to be instantly addicting. Aspirin was first introduced as the first non-addictive drug in 1899 and was effective.

Prescription drugs such as adderall are man-made. Combining many different chemicals such as lactitol, micro crystalline cellulose, colloidal sillicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and other ingredients make the drug adderall. Most prescription drugs are taken in the form of a pill of some sort and is obtained over the counter.

Some short term affects of prescription drugs such as adderall and vicodin are appetite suppression and unhealthy weight loss, irritability, trouble sleeping, feelings of restlessness. In terms of long term affects, these include heart damage, kidney damage, lung damage, and addiction.

Adderall and vicodin can influence a persons behavior by becoming addicted and dependent on it. They feel like they need to get their fix of the drug when this occurs. Without the drug they feel that they cannot get through the day functioning normally.

The behavioral ways of an addict on prescription drugs such as adderall and their relationships go hand in hand. As the addict continuously needs his or her fix, the people around the addict suffer as well. If that person is a father or mother it will influence their family by spending money on these drugs as well as make relationships worse with each other and in the real working world as well.

Community resources:

Saint Josephs Villa Inc Rochester NY, 14616

Delta Recovery Services LLC Utica NY, 13501

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