Sub-Saharan Africa By Britt, Cameron, and joseph is the most land use in Sub-Saharan Africa. They do not paid because they are either feeding their families or for the communities. Commercial farming involves raising crops and livestock to sell for a profit. The needs of the market help determine which crops are grown. With subsistence farming, the farmer raises the food he needs to provide for himself and his family or communist.

Land Use

Subsistence Farming Gold and diamonds are the most precious natural resources in Africa.South Africa has half of the world’s gold.Unequal wealth among countries( countries who have more are wealthier, ones without are poor). Their are three T's minerals Tungsten, Tan-tam, and Tin and they are all made for cell phones.

Natural Resousres They government is wanting to stop all these army rebels, but they can't. They are either Bribing to stay out, the government can't stop them, or they are probably more stronger.

Democratic republic of congo

GDP per captita

Their are 5 states that have the most GDP per Ca-pita and they are Mauritius 12,800, Botswana 9,200, Namibia 7,300, South Africa 11,100, and Seychelles 7,800. Their are 16 states that have under a thousand for their GDP's. Their re two ways higher GDP's are different then lower GDP's.One way is the the ones with the higher GDP per ca-pita is they will be able to sell more and make more. Another way is they will be more wealthy and more things than what lower GDP have.

Life expendence

Africans have a low life expectancy. The reason why is because their water is no good for them and when they drink it they get something call HIV AIDS.

Kingdom Of Ghana

The Kingdom of Ghana is one of the 3 West African Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Ghana had a trade network they would trade for salt. While others would get gold in return. The authority of the king eventually diminished.

Kingdom of Mali

The kingdom of Mali is the second West African Kingdom. After the king of Ghana diminished the kingdom of Mali took control of the trade. Their most important king in Mali was Mansa Musa he was Muslim. When he went to Mecca for a journey he took 60,000 people and 80 camels and they were carrying 300 lbs of gold.

Kingdom Of Songhia

The kingdom of Songhai is the third kingdom in West Africa. The kingdom did not last long because European Military Technology conquered the kingdom of Songhai.

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