Steinkrossar langs norskekysten Stone crosses - along the coast of norway

Steinkrossen i Loen / The stone cross in Loen

This 2 m Celtic stone cross with rounded arms and a hole in the middle was originally erected near the sea more than 1000 years ago. It was later moved up to the graveyard close to the church in Loen, Nordfjord.


Midthjellkrossen / the Midthjell Cross is a copy of the one that originally stood here from the viking age till 1831 when it was given to the museum in Bergen.

Sreinkrossen på Ryggøyra / The stone cross at Ryggøyra

This stone cross is around 100 years old, and similar to crosses found in Cornwall, south-west in England.

Olavskrossen i Korssund

The cross is almost 4 m tall and 1.4 m broad. Probably around 1000 years old.

Krossen på Dragseidet / The cross at Dragseiet

At Dragseidet close to Stadlandet this stone cross on the site where there was a wooden cross till the mid-19th century.

On this site the people in this region was christened and baptised in AD 997.

Steinkrossen på Kile / The stone cross at Kile

This almost 5m tall stone cross near Kile was erected in 1914 where there originally stood one till the 18th century.

Anglikanske steinkrossar i Eivindvik / Anglican stone crosses in Eivindvik

In Eivindvik in Gulen is a 2.5 m tall Anglican stone cross in the hillside.

Steinkrossane i Hyllestad

In three of the corners in the old graveyard in Hyllestad is a little stone cross.

In Hyllestad was a millstone and cross factory. The museum shows the traces after this production, and shows us how they where made.

Ny kross ved Krosshaug / New Cross at Krosshaug, Rennesøy

At Sørbø on the island Rennesøy is a new 3 m cross erected in the year 2000. This new cross is placed as close as possible to where there originaly stood a cross in the viking age.

The cross is very visible as its silhouettes on the top of the hill close to the new main road along the coast, and in this way greet the travellers just before they arrive Stavanger.

Stone cross at Krosshaug, Haugesund

This Stone cross in Haugesund is almost 3 m tall and was erected around 1000 years ago and looks out over the north sea.

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