Good Life Tour of the Harn Dakota Mahaffey

This is the piece that I chose for how the medium and technique of the artist contributed to my appreciation of the work. This piece of art was done entirely in pencil, yet the design was very intricate and the detail was amazing. The fact that the artist used only pencil and yet still made it look amazing greatly added to my appreciation of the work.
This is part that I chose for how the design of the museum guided my experience. This part of the museum was appealing to me because it allowed natural light to come in and illuminate the artwork. It also gave the room I was in a more spacious feel. Having this open wall for light to come in was much better than walking through rooms with four walls with no windows and minimal light. There were also benches right in front of this garden so that you could just relax and enjoy the view. This made the museum a much more peaceful place to be.
This piece I chose for how the artwork appealed to my core values. This painting appealed to my core value of location. this means that I have a strong connection to my home town and that I will always remember where I came from. I live in Green Cove Springs which is a town in Northeast Florida that lies along the St. Johns River. I actually live on the river myself. This painting was done around 1875 and is a painting of the St. Johns River. So, when I saw this painting it reminded me of my house on the St. Johns River back in Green Cove Springs and appealed to my core value of location.
This is the piece that I chose for how good life themes resonate in the artwork. This is a small statue of the Buddha that was done in the 3rd or 4th century in what is now Northwest Pakistan. I felt that this sculpture conveyed the idea of seeking the good life. Siddhartha Gautama sought the good life by choosing to leave his family and embark on a journey that he thought would bring him enlightenment and self-realization.

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