This Dream By: Aleyia Ruder:)!

A dream. Oh, a dream is a wonderful thing!

Perhaps you wish you did something or maybe you wished you didn't do something. At the end of your life, it’s not things you DID do that you regret instead it's the things you DIDN’T do. Regretting ideas that weren't morphed, dreams you didn't grab and take hold, opportunities you didn't pursue, actions you didn't take, thoughts you didn't express.

A study was taken at a hospital and the results show that many elderly people near the end of their lives, about to take their last breath regret things they didn't do! At the end of your days, would you want to be like that? In the end we just regret chances we didn't chase or believe. Take a minute and picture this, yes I know it's weird to think, but picture your funeral and people talking about your life and what you did. Would you rather have people talk about the life full of adventure and excitement! The great experiences and events. Or, would you rather them talk about how you didn't chase after the pursuit of happiness?

My dream is that people take a hold of their own life and live it to the fullest because we aren't cats. No 9 lives. Life isn't a sport or game, there's no overtime. You can't erase what's happened, but you can restart and make yourself happy and live it up. We don't have time in life to listen to others harsh opinions, because why waste time with negativity. If you're happy that's what matters. Accomplish what you want. An accomplishment doesn't have to be winning a major award, creating a cure, starting a business. Your accomplishment is yours those small every day little “wins” they start counting up, don’t take advantage of them. Although, if you have those talents those hidden talents in you, bring them out! Bless the world with your gifts. Be you and live it up. Don't be fake, let people know. Be truthful and honest, just be that golden heart. The good island in the sea of evil. Be a good person. Don't be afraid to stand up for your beliefs, your life is made for what you wish to achieve. If you have a passion by the grace of God go chase and pursue that. Living in the moment isn't bad either, life is a rollercoaster, just go for the ride through the loops and twists and falls. Take it for granted. Risks. Woo-wee, lots of people are scared of that four or five letter word. Who cares if it means being a little scared. Earth has got so much more than what it seems, risk it and get some adrenaline fired up. It's worth it. Blessings will fall into your lap, thank the lord for them and use them. Appreciate the gifts you got, but bring them out to the world what gift do you got to BRING OUT. Don't stress and worry, life is too short to be stressed.

I have a dream that people bring out the best in others and themselves. Richard Williams once told a story. He was talking to the pilot of an airplane and the pilot told him many passengers think flying is dangerous, but the pilot responded by saying actually it’s much safer for a plane to be in the air. Planes were made to fly and on the ground they rust, malfunction, and wear. People are the same way… if you just stay on the ground never taking a risk, your life is malfunctioning (not being truly fun and working) yet you can change that. Take the opportunity given to you and take flight. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “I say to you today, my friends, though, we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.” As you can see by the quote, yes there will be struggles, but nothing you can't overcome.

Bring out the gift in you and show your 100% unique and true talents. What idea do you have buried up in your mind? What cure have you created inside? What talent or gift can you show humanity? What feelings, emotions, and heart are you hiding?

Think of life like a flower. Would you embrace the colors and try to make each petal last as long as possible? Or would you let it wilt and die?

Life can be a home-run hit, but first you have to hit it with confidence. As they say “life is what you make it” so make it the best. Do you think your favorite athlete just said eh after someone said they weren't good enough? No, they kept going. Do you think people close to you have their own struggles? Oh, yes they do. But, hear me out you have to keep going. Push forward with all the hope, dreams, courage, personality, and effort you have. You personally do not have a dream, it has you go get that little idea. Life is great, make it that way.


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