How will education function in 50 years? Group 13

How schools will change: Technology is an important aspect of our society which has and will always be important in shaping the ways we think, communicate and learn. We can predict that in the next 50 years here will be more key developments in technology that prove to be vital to the lifestyle of future generations. Education could become more accessible, technology-focused, and even the subjects taught or things taught within those subjects may change.

How these changes will affect Sacred Heart schools: Sacred Heart Schools have evolved greatly throughout the years to meet the changing necessities of our society and take advantage of accessible resources. However, their goals have always stayed the same: to educate young women’s minds and hearts. It has always been a Catholic school, teaching about our religion as well as normal education, but things such as the focus on religion and time spent praying or in mass have decreased as time and our culture have changed.

The comparison of women and men educational results: Women’s achievements in academics has developed significantly over the last couple of decades. Research shows that women have been known to achieve greater results in their education than men, this difference in results in noticeable at a young age as girls often receive higher grades than boys in primary school and high school.

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