Hungary By: JaMes eyman

The location of Hungary

Hungary is located in Europe and in the mid section of the Eastern hemisphere and Northern hemisphere and it covers more that 93,000 square kilometers, it's most popular mega-city is named: Budapest with over 1,7000,000 people living there.

Physical characteristics of Hungary

One of the major features of Hungary are the Carpathian Mountains, also Hungary is a Temperature zone and it is between the arctic zone, it's usually cold or warm and does not snow often.

Population of Hungary

This is a picture of a lakeside in Hungary, as you can see there are many trees in this area, this is because there are only 9.92 million people and it's population is still growing another reason is because they don't need as much material from trees as we do.

Economics of Hungary

If you where wondering, Hungary is not a poor country, in fact it's a high-income mixed economy and it invests more than 50 billion dollars a year with more and more people coming to either live there or vacation there.

The culture of Hungary

First of all, the clothing of Hungary is different from ours, they use more wool and silky kind of material, but we have fancy clothing like plaid or leather clothing, The main languages in Hungary are: Finnish, Gaelic, Serbian, Estonian, and Diaspora.


Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - - "Hungary Grunge Flag" • Arian Zwegers - "Budapest, Parliament" • Albert Lugosi - "Once posh facade of a 19th century office building on Budapest's Andrassy Avenue" • maciphoto - "landscape landscape water reflection" • francisco.j.gonzalez - "Main building backyard" • Trocaire - "Refugee in camp on Serbia Hungary border washing clothes"

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