THE ORIELLEs 'Disco Volador' Heavenly Recordings

“The Orielles second album is slowly revealing itself to be a palpable and expressive piece"

So Young Magazine

"The Orielles have a rare magic. It’s not some big David Blaine stunt, more a sleight of hand that leaves you agog. Especially live."

- BBC Radio 6 Music -


  • Esmé Dee Hand-Halford - Singer / Bass
  • Henry Carlyle-Wade - Guitarist
  • Sidonie B Hand-Halford - Drummer

Defiant in the face of existential dread, The Orielles were always going to approach their second album with nothing but stellar levels of intent. Disco Volador sees the 4-piece push their sonic horizon to its outer limits as astral travellers, hitching a ride on the melodic skyway to evade the space-time continuum through a sharp collection of progressive strato-pop symphonies.

“Its literal interpretation from Spanish means flying disc but everyone experiences things differently. Disco Volador could be a frisbee, a UFO, an alien nightclub or how you feel when you fly; what happens to your body physically or that euphoric buzz from a great party,” suggests bassist and singer, Esme. “But it is an album of escape; if I went to space, I might not come back.”

Voyaging through cinematic samba, 70s disco, deep funk boogies, danceable grooves and even tripping on 90s acid house, Disco Volador is set to propel The Orielles spinning into a higher zero-gravity orbit. Written and recorded in just 12 months, it captures the warp-speed momentum of their post-Silver Dollar Moment debut album success; an unforgettable summer touring, playing festivals like Green Man and bluedot, and deepening their bond whilst witnessing the sets of their heroes Stereolab, Mogwai, and Four Tet. Disco Volador’s library catalogue vibes stem from a band lapping up and widening their pool of musical discovery whether nodding to Italian film score maestros Sandro Brugnolini and Piero Umiliani, or the Middle Eastern tones of Khruangbin and Altin Gün. “All the influences we had when writing this record were present when we recorded it, so we completely understood what we wanted this album to feel like and could bring that to fruition,” tells drummer, Sid. “This is the sound of where we are at, right now.”

Returning to Stockport’s Eve studios where the band cooked together, went swimming, took walks, and relaxed in the soundwaves of an occasional gong bath, Henry, Sid and Esme called a family reunion under the watchful whisker-twitching of studio cat, Adam (“He was probably a producer in a past life,” they say). With keysman Alex now adding texture through his classically trained know-how, they re-joined engineer Joel, and producer Marta Salogni (Liars, Björk, The Moonlandingz) whose vast expertise of drones, delays and mad effects were so intrinsic to their Disco Volador vision – sketched out by the band in Sharpie doodles on the studio wall. “Marta is so positive, she has a great way of getting the best out of us,” guitarist, Henry tells. “Marta is the 5th Orielle,” affirms Sid. “Because we’d worked together before, we were even tighter; it’s a shared mind-set.” For Marta, the feeling is mutual; “It’s sonic tidying really, the band just do their thing and I work with that.”

Built from instrumentals around the concept of “boogie to space, space to boogie,” Disco Volador’s energy comes from the melodic fission of tension and release. Recurring motifs explore space, not only of earth’s celestial atmosphere, but also what happens within the gaps and how sound manipulation has the power to carry, or displace, its listener. “We like throwing in wide curveballs by taking the music somewhere different then figuring our way back… like jumping off,” says Henry. “Jez from ACR taught us about pauses and that’s massive on this record; space can be the most beautiful part of a song.” In fact, by unleashing the tension with their own smattering of esoteric noise through delay pedal fuckery, the layered poetics on ‘Whilst The Flowers Look’ and ‘Memoirs of Miso’s saxophone stylistics (loaned by Glasgow band Lylo’s Iain McCall), filling voids is exactly what gives the album its magic. “Those unplanned moments are great,” Sid says, “mistakes can become something special. For these next shows we’ll have to change our tech spec up so much!”

At times haunting and unsettling, Disco Volador’s film-like structure flows from fact to fiction. Its tales are culled from waking life as easily as they become a soundtrack for lucid dream sequences. Watching Foley-inspired 70s thriller Berberian Sound Studio whilst recording may account for the album’s dynamic sound effects – created with Eve’s array of instruments plus Henry’s flexatone - a Secret Santa gift from Esme. Lynchian outros capture the album’s thematic dread as they spiral into infinity and pave the way for potential loops, imitating the fades between the songs of the band’s summer DJ sets. Brian Eno-inspired dreams about a rocket-fuelled mission may or may not have inspired ‘Rapid’ or ‘Come Down On Jupiter’ after ideas sunk deeper into their subconscious. “I’d been reading about phenomenology and Czechoslovakian writer Milan Kundera’s ideas about existence; the weight of your own body, what you feel and how that interacts with your surroundings,” hints Esme, at possible inspiration behind the lyrics.

Whilst the future of the world and its current cosmic wasteland might be up in the air, The Orielles’ new album has its feet beating out a much-needed four to the dancefloor. Welcome to Disco Volador; time really does fly when you’re having this much fun.

"The Halifax band feel like the closest thing we have to a contemporary Stereolab: as sharp as they are spacey, at home with psychedelic wooze and seductively chugging guitar pop."

The Guardian


  • 'Come Down On Jupiter'
  • The Guardian: "The Halifax band feel like the closest thing we have to a contemporary Stereolab: as sharp as they are spacey, at home with psychedelic wooze and seductively chugging guitar pop." (Laura Snapes)
  • Stereogum“Disco Volador’s opening track and lead single, “Come Down On Jupiter,” begins as a languid shuffle, but before long it has exploded into guitar-pop bliss. And then suddenly it’s something like outer-space disco rock. As the five-minute runtime unfolds, the transformations continue to be as abundant as the hooks.”
  • Paste Magazine: “The constantly shifting track ends up sitting between the progressive ‘90s recordings of Stereolab and more contemporary jam groups like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard."
  • Gigwise: “Despondent and dreamy, 'Come Down On Jupiter' is a classically sublime Orielles tune with otherworldly synths and joyful vocal yips and exclamations.”
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“The appealingly lively “Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)” is five minutes of sleek, danceable music drawing from disco, tropicalia, loungey psychedelia, and of course, samba.”



"The Orielles’ debut album, 'Silver Dollar Moment', was one of our favourite releases from 2018, I can't wait to see what they do next!"

BBC 6 Music - Lauren Laverne


"Disco Volador is a retro-futurist-styled and impressively idiosyncratic meeting of suddenly shifting rhythms, breezy toplines, old school synths and imperious riffs. Both instantly appealing and dazzlingly inventive, it’s a record that sees The Orielles continue to carve out a sonic universe entirely on their own."Q Magazine ★★★★

“Disco Volador is a record at the heart and soul of dancing into the sunrise.” - Dork Magazine ★★★★

“Disco Volador is an album of timeless tracks lucid beats that sound like you are travelling back to the future.” ★★★★ The Rodeo

“Harnessing groove, funk and latino into a dizzy and intoxicating cocktail of neo space-pop.” The Morning Star ★★★★

“From striking artwork via the wild, sprightly theme tune ‘Space Samba’ that caps the album off in a tsumni of bongos and guitar distortion, The Orielles succeed in painting a vivid world of colour and flavour to get lost in.” DIY Magazine ★★★

“Suggests the euphoria of whooshing through infinite space past astral displays of unimaginable beauty”Uncut

“Pop gems beamed down to earth from another planet”Long Live Vinyl

“The Orielles second full-length album is more ‘summery’ than many summer pop hits.”Louder Than War

“Powered by siblings Esmé and Sid Hand-Halford, Brit four-piece’s second blends indie-pop disco with Brazilian funk and Italian soundtracks.”Mojo

“Disco Volador is the portrait of a mature band taking off into the cosmos to boogie in an intergalactic disco.” - Gigwise

“It’s colourful, fun and full of ideas, particularly when Esmé Dee Hand-Halford brings deeper feeling to the lovely ‘Whilst the Flowers Look.” – The Times

“Their newest full-length effort transcends not just space and time, but feelings and moods, decades and textures, boundaries and expectations. It’s unafraid to explore the limits of their musicianship, along with a wonderfully weird, new universe that challenges the space-time continuum as we know it.” – The Line of Best Fit

“The Orielles are the antithesis of the February blues. So, if you’re in the mood to get summer started ahead of schedule, let this little ray of sunshine into your life.” Clash Magazine 7/10

“Heavily inspired by dance culture, the record displays a myriad of influences – everything from retro cinema soundtracks to deep funk to ESG – and its track-list has been carefully assembled in a similar manner to a DJ set.”Manchester, Evening Standard

"Bonkers time signatures, hugely inventive production and it's all as impeccably stylish as it's brilliantly smart creators." - The Drift Record Shop



  • Premiere: BBC R1 Introducing X2 (Huw Stephens)
  • A-list (BBC 6 Music) (4 weeks)
  • B-list (BBC 6 Music) (3 weeks)
  • 6 Music Recommends for 2020 Album List
  • BBC R1 X1 play (Jack Saunders)
  • Winner of BBC 6 Music's 'Roundtable'
  • BBC Radio London X1 (Gary Growley)
  • Radio X4 Plays (X-posure)
  • Sunday Night Music Club X1 play (Absolute Radio)
  • Premiere: BBC 6 Music Lauren Laverne
  • A-list (BBC 6 Music) (X4 Weeks)
  • B-list (BBC 6 Music) (X2 Weeks)
  • X3 play Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1)
  • Radio X X1 Play (X-posure)
  • BBC Radio London X1 play (Gary Crowley)
  • Beats 1 X3 play (Matt Wilkinson)
  • X2 plays 'Kitchen Magic Time' (Resonance FM)
  • Jack Saunders Album of the Weekend (BBC Radio 1)
  • Album of the Day (BBC 6 Music)


"Pop Gems Beamed Down To Earth From Another Planet"

- Long Live Vinyl -

International Press


  • Magic (France) - 4/6
  • Biba (France) - Included on playlist December 2019 & January 2020
  • Rolling Stone (France) - Profile article to come



  • FIP (France) - ‘Come down on Jupiter’ featured in branded playlist “Tout Nouveau Tout FIP” (25/11/19 – 29/12/19)
  • DR P6 Beat (Danish equivalent to BBC 6Music) - 'Space Samba' playlisted & 'Disco Volador' frequently spot played
  • Radio 3 (Spain) - 'Space Samba' spot plays on Hoy Empieza Todo (daily morning show), Siglo 21 (daily morning show), NaNaNa (daily night show)
  • ICAT (Cataluña regional radio station) - 'Space Samba' Spot plays in: Independents (daily evening show)
  • Triple R (Australia) - 'Come Down On Jupiter' spun on Far And Wide (Oct 25, Nov 1 2019), 'Come Down On Jupiter (Jane Weaver Remix)' spun on Beat Orgy (Dec 7 2019) & 'Space Samba' spun on Good Fortune (Dec 19 2019)
  • Double J (Australia) - 'Come Down On Jupiter' spun on Curated (Oct 30 2019)

'Silver Dollar Moment' HighlightS

  • The Guardian - 4/5
  • Q Magazine - 4/5
  • Dork Magazine - 4/5
  • Backseat Mafia - 9/10
  • Louder Than War - 8/10

“Silver Dollar Moment’s vibrancy is at odds with the current mood of the world, It shakes off any negative connotations of modern indie, particularly in the ‘landfill’ sense of the word, and reclaims it.”

The Quietus


  • 04.03.20 - Electric Ballroom
  • 05.03.20 - Ritz - Manchester
  • 06.03.20 - Institute 2 - Birmingham
  • 11.03.20 / 15.03/20 - New Colossus Festival, New York (US)
  • 16.03.20 /22.03/20 - SXSW Austin, TX (US)
  • 25.03.20 – Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles (US)
  • 27.03.20 – Popscene at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco (US)
  • 28.03.20 – Bunk Bar, Portland, OR
  • 29.03.20 – Vera Project Seattle, WA
  • 18.04.20 - Motel Mozaique
  • MAY
  • 01.05.20 - Live at Leeds - Leeds
  • 02.05.20 - Stag & Dagger - Edinburgh
  • 16.05.20 - Handmade Festival - Leicester
  • 22.05.20 - All Points East - London
  • 23.05.20 - Neighbourhood - Warrington
  • JULY
  • 22.07.20 - Standon Calling - Standon
  • 31.07.20 - Truck Festival - Steventon
  • 02.09.20 - Tramlines - Sheffield
  • 22.09.20 - Green Man Festival - Crickhowell