Dirty Dining 2018 Top Ten violators

Each year WCPO collects data on food-safety violations from health departments across the region. Here are this year's top ten violators, ranked by the number of violations they received in the 2017 calendar year.

10. Kroger store #465

The Kroger Marketplace store at 4613 Marburg Ave. in Oakley was cited for 59 violations by Cincinnati health inspectors in 2017, including a soiled ice tea nozzle in the customer self-serve area in January and an "unclean" floor in a ClickList walk-in freezer in February. It's one of two Kroger stores on this year's top ten list. Kroger spokesperson Erin Rolfes responded to WCPO's questions with this statement about both stores: "Food safety is important to Kroger. We acted quickly last year to correct these issues." City records show no new violations in the store's most recent inspection in January.

9. Kroger store #428

Kroger's Queen City Centre store at 4777 Kenard Ave. in Spring Grove Village was cited for 60 violations by Cincinnati health inspectors in 2017, including improper dating on open packages of deli meat in August and plumbing problems observed on Sept. 7 that had not been fixed by Sept. 19. This year, the store had 12 new violations on Jan. 12. All but one of them - an employee who didn't know how to properly use sanitizing equipment - were corrected by March 9.

8. 11042 Imperial Inn, dba Chinese Imperial Inn

Chinese Imperial Inn at 11042 Reading Road in Sharonville received 60 violations from Hamilton County inspectors in 2017. County records show inspectors documented a roach problem 12 times since August, 2015. There were no violations in its most recent inspection, Dec. 17. Owners declined to comment.

7. Amma's Kitchen

Amma's Kitchen at 7633 Reading Road in Roselawn was cited for 62 violations by Cincinnati health inspectors in 2017, including roach problems in August and December. Operator Muthu Muthiah said problems occurred during his "lengthy absence" from the business but "we have made improvement and rectified everything" cited by inspectors. A Jan. 9 inspection showed 20 past violations have been corrected, including pest control.

6. Jordan's Fish Chicken Gyros

Jordan's restaurant at 100 South Cooper Ave in Lockland received 63 health code violations in the 2017. Hamilton County inspectors observed "rodent droppings throughout the facility” in October, along with plumbing problems, improper thawing of food items and “swai fish ... sold as catfish.” The company's owner did not return WCPO's messages. The restaurant had seven new violations in January, when inspectors found three dead mice and ordered an open bag of corn meal to be discarded because it was in the same room where a pest-control fogger was used.

5. E-Star Asian Market

E-Star Asian Market, a specialty grocer at 11974 Lebanon Road in Sharonville, received 67 violations in 2017. Hamilton County inspectors observed “the presence of live insects, rodents and other pests” in April, September and November and confirmed an April "complaint that the display cooler which holds their jellyfish was not at the correct temperature." The company hasn't responded to WCPO inquiries. Inspectors found mice droppings in four visits since January. The store had no violations in its most recent inspection March. 28.

4. Pho Lang Thang

Pho Lang Thang at 112 W. Elder St. in Findlay Market was cited for 68 violations by Cincinnati health inspectors in 2017, including the improper storage of chemicals and raw beef stored over cooked food during a Jan. 5 inspection. Operating partner Duy Nguyen blamed "a lot of bad habits" that employees picked up while he was busy with another restaurant. "Our management wasn't up to par," he said. "We did get rid of a manager who just would not do it. We also got everyone else ServSafe certified." Pho Lang Thang had no new violations Jan. 3 in its only inspection of 2018.

3. Adam's Quick Stop

Adam's Quick Stop at 3028 Colerain Ave. in Camp Washington was cited for 70 violations by Cincinnati health inspectors in 2017, including problems with the temperature of gyro meat in January, February, April, September and October. Manager Sue Itawi said problems started when her husband disagreed with the inspector's critique and refused to throw our gyro meat worth nearly $200. Itawi said the store has addressed all health department concerns and was approved for license renewal in the past month. City records show no inspections so far this year.

2. International Market, dba African Market

International Market, a specialty grocer at 609 West Wyoming Ave in Lockland, was cited for 73 infractions in 2017. Hamilton County inspectors found "several packages" of food "accessed by rodents" while on store shelves in July and a "live bedbug on top of a large container of peanut butter" in September. Owner Adama Ba said he is moving to a larger space that he owns down the street. He's renovating the new space now and hopes to move by the end of April. "I took all the steps so I don't have the same problems I had there," he said. In the store's most recent inspection Feb. 6, "a small amount of roach activity around the water heater" was documented.

1. La Union LLC, dba Delicias Supermarket

Delicias Supermarket, a specialty grocer at 316 Northland Boulevard, received 75 violations from Springdale's health department in 2017, including rodent droppings in February and March and gnats in July. Springdale Health Commissioner Matt Clayton said the store dramatically improved its performance by putting its managers through food-safety training. But inspectors found 17 new violations on April 3, including dirty equipment and "gnats in the bakery and produce area." As a result, Clayton has ordered an administrative hearing to discuss possible enforcement action. The store's owners declined to comment.

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