A Quiet Walk around the lake

On Family Day Radar, my whippet, and I headed out for a walk this afternoon. She headed straight for Henner's Lake. One of our favourite spots. We usually have the trail to ourselves.

The trail winds around through a stand of poplar, then out into the sunshine on the north bank. The north part of the path is cut along the bottom of a steep bank, so it's well protected from the prevailing winds as it goes along.

This fluffy little woodpecker was about the only bird we encountered. He hung around for several minutes and let me snap away.

Currently some sections of the path are well drifted with snow. Most of the path is passable, and thanks to local cross country skiers, its packed down quite well.

However, one section of the path is so drifted it is currently impassable. Usually the path goes behind the four foreground trees in the above photo. People have been detouring down to the lake around this spot because the drift is between 4-5 feet deep over this section. It's a short detour of about 20 feet.

There is huge drifts towering above the path in many places along the bank. It makes you feel very small walking beneath them.

Technically, you're not allowed to snowmobile within the city limits. However, I was grateful that someone had been out to play. I was able to climb up that hill in the snowmobile tracks and see a new view of the lake.

Radar thoroughly enjoyed herself, in spite of her snowsuit and boots, which she strongly dislikes. A few times she got into snow that was up to her shoulders. She managed to get herself out every time and I didn't have to rescue her. She found a patch of frozen chokecherries to crunch on, and I had a nap in a sunny, sheltered snowbank while she had her fill. Eventually she got tired of standing around waiting for me.

Towards the end of our walk we got to watch a local pilot come in for landing at our small airport.

A fantastic way to spend an hour on a sunny winter afternoon. As much as I prefer summer, I do enjoy winter walks too, as long as its not -20 and blizzarding.

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Briana Huether

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