Good Life Tour of Harn Kate donlan

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist- I enjoyed this piece of art because it is made entirely out of cloth. I also love the meaning behind this photo. The cloth is worn for honoring ancestral spirits and each cloth belongs to generations of family members. I think this is very powerful because it is interesting to look at and has a deep meaning. The colors and textures were very striking. It made me feel like I was in a cultural festival.
Design of the Museum- The part of the museum that I found most interesting was the big wall of Frida Kahlo. The big mural was beautiful and colorful. I liked how it directed the visitors to more paintings by her. It was a great way to keep the focus flowing through the exhibit. The big bright blue wall caught my attention right away . The lighting also spotlights the art. Kahlo’s work is famous, so as soon as I saw the familiar picture, I wanted to learn more.
Art and Core Values- When looking as this picture, the first thing I thought about was my sister. My sister and I are seventeen months apart and very close. We spent countless days when we were younger playing together. It mostly brought out the feeling of love and sadness because I miss her very much. When I read the description, it stuck out to me because I love working with children. I hope to be a pediatric dentist one day, and have always had a calling towards helping and teaching children.
Art and the Good Life- In my opinion, in order to achieve the good life, one must look past the sufferings in life and find the good in the world. The description is what stood out to me in this picture. The girls shown in the picture grew up in the middle of a civil war. Looking at the picture, I would not expect that. This picture of a first communion in Brazil by Salgado represented their “resilience and celebration of life in spite of these struggles.” To me, that is what achieving the good life is, overcoming hardships with joy.

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