Student Services Week! February 5–9, 2018

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Celebrating Day 3 of Student Services Week!

We hope you are enjoying these Stories From the Field. Today we are highlighting more from Duval County Public Schools...

Stories From the Field...

Duval County Public Schools, continued from Day 2

Frank H. Peterson’s Graduation Coach and School Counseling Team implemented strategies to ensure students were postsecondary ready and met the graduation requirements.

First, the School Counseling Team made sure all seniors were registered for the October 7th SAT. The Team registered students after the Reading Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) in the fall. This was an easy task as they were all present and these were the students that we needed to target. Each student had an assigned mentor. Mentors were either a teacher or a staff member and their responsibilities included encouraging and providing students with additional resources and support in order to complete their goals.

At Peterson, we make an effort for our faculty and staff to know their students. Each week we meet with our design team to review data and discuss how we can encourage the students who are in jeopardy of not graduating. The team also sends out an email to teachers once a month on the students who are in jeopardy of not meeting their goals. This has been extremely helpful to our academy teachers as they have a different relationship with their students and encourage them in ways that some teachers or staff members may not be able too. As far as academic assistance, students must attend two tutoring sessions in order to receive their fee waiver. If students are unable to attend tutoring, they must provide the team with their Khan Academy progress.

Students who need to achieve their reading requirement for graduation, have a two-day SAT boot camp led by Reading Coaches. Prior to taking the SAT, students receive a good breakfast and words of encouragement from the Graduation Coach and Principal regarding the upcoming test.

We are currently on a 21-day rotation for PERT testing. Students test in their ACT/SAT classes and upper level math classes and have a boot camp in class the day prior to testing. When students become PSR in math or reading, their names are displayed on our screens. When students become PSR in math and reading, they are allowed to spray paint their fish on our PSR Wall and take a picture that will be displayed throughout the schools’ atrium. Students also receive extra graduation tickets when they become PSR. Currently, the team is working on getting students t-shirts.

PSR Wall

Peterson’s last incentive is something special to Peterson called “Earn Your Wings.” Earn Your Wings is a group of students who are PSR in math and reading, industry certified in their academy and have a minimum of a 2.0 gpa. We have a special ceremony where family and friends get to celebrate their accomplishments. They also receive a special cord for graduation. This is our biggest incentive on campus and many students are working hard to earn their wings.

The School Counseling team at Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership (EWMAL) High School hosted a “Surviving the First Year College Alumni Panel 2017.” EWMAL student alumni were invited back to high school to share their college experiences. The panel consisted of students who graduated high school within the last two years. The Counselors specifically targeted students from each of Florida’s State Universities and Colleges, as well as, local universities and colleges. Students answered questions (generated from current 12th graders) regarding challenges and successes they experienced transitioning from high school to college. Topics included housing, living expenses, budgeting, course selection, and balancing social life and academics. The audience consisted of current 12th graders preparing to graduate high school

Panel discussion, college experiences.

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Lake Shore Middle School Counseling Department Points of Pride

Lake Shore Middle School counselors Mary Wrenn and Marcus Bryan

Lake Shore Middle School counselors continue to participate in the Shoes that Fit program through Rack Room shoes to provide students with free shoes, socks, and backpacks. This year Lake Shore has provided 15 students with the gift of Shoes That Fit! This year over $1,000 was designated for our Lake Shore students at our neighborhood Rack Room Shoes store. For the past decade, Rack Room Shoes has partnered with the national non-profit, Shoes That Fit to provide more than 200,000 new shoes to students in need. Each and every dollar collected stays within the community and directly benefits our local schools.

Stories continued...

Duval County Public Schools

Our social worker Mrs. Carson went beyond to help make it a great Christmas for one of our students. We had a family in transition where the student expressed to her teacher “I don’t think Santa will be able to come to my house.” This took place about 10 days before Christmas break; Mrs. Carson was persistent with finding resources at the last minute to make sure the student received gifts.

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