Helen Keller Charlsey

Helen keller as a little girl

Facts about Helen Keller

She was very ill and she almost died.

She was very old when she died

Helen keller was an American author and political activist and lecturer .she was the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelor. She died on June 1 1968 she was born on June 27,1880

When Helen Keller was older

Heroic deeds

Helen Keller when she was old and she was with her friend they were both blind and death

She teaches deaf and blind people how to read and to use sign language. Keller was different from other people she was able to become a great influence on people.

Helen Keller beliefs

Helen Keller whated to be a christan in the traditional of the world.she whanted to hear what her parents are saying

And she believed that she would all ways be able see her family when she dies and they will all ways be in your heart no matter what happens

When Helen Keller was whanting to hear her parents

Pictures of Helen keller

Here is her in school

Here is her as a grown up

Helen Keller as a little girl

Helen Keller picture when she was old

Helen Keller with her old friend

Helen Keller picture

Here is Helen Keller with her friend

Hellen keller

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