Irondequoit HS Business Program Offers Students Special Diploma Endorsement Irondequoit High School now offers students a Business Education technical endorsement on their high school diploma approved by NYSED

The opportunity to distinguish yourself from other college applications just got easier for students at Irondequoit High School. The school received notification that their application to the New York State Department of Education was approved. This approval will be available for those students graduating this June.

College admissions is competitive. Making choices available for students to distinguish themselves from other college applicants is one of many opportunities of an Irondequoit High School education. A Business Career & Technical Education (CTE) endorsement on one’s high school diploma is an opportunity to illustrate to colleges and employers that a student has completed a prescribed series of classes focusing on business, completed work experiences, and was assessed in a variety of ways in the field of business.

One of the goals of a high school education is to be able to experience different disciplines to make an informed decision on a career or college major. Completing a Business Education CTE approved NYSED program provides students a comprehensive experience, thus making a decision to major in business a more definitive decision. However, just as important, concluding that business is not a desired career path is a valuable outcome as well - while still in high school. Providing students opportunities to better inform their career path is the key.

Students wishing to complete the requirements to earn this Business endorsement on their diploma should consult their counselor or any business teacher.

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