chickens the best pet ever

Chickens have been around forever. Literally chickens and dinos were alive at the same time! Chickens also lived or even originated in egypt. If you want chickens as a pet, this book will teach you the basics and more! Read on to learn about, how to hold chickens, what to buy, the habitat, food, what it will look like when they grow up, and things to never do.
holding your chickens

Although it may start out hard, holding your chickens doesn’t have to cause a fuss. To hold chicks that still have their baby fluff you can hold them in your hands in a cup shape. If your chickens/pullets (pullets are like teen chickens) are growing adult feathers you can put your hands over their wings. If they are full grown you can hold them against your front covering their wings, or you can hold them against your hip and hold their wings with your hand on the same side as the chicken is. For extra support place your other hand under ther legs.


Chicken habitats are very simple. When they are young you will need a large-ish box.[ about 2 X 3 feet] Then you should cover the bottom with shavings or newspaper. You will need a heat lamp to keep them warm.[their little chickie feathers can't keep them warm enough] When they are getting their adult feathers they will be able to fly to about 1.5 feet so make sure your box has edges that are a decent height. When they get to this stage you should get a coop and a run for them to live in. [The coop and run should be kept outside.]

coops and runs

When chickens are older they will need a run and a coop. You should put your chickens in the run/coop when they are about pullets or maybe a little younger. It may seem strange but it is good so that they are used to it. You should do this in the spring or summer so that your chickens aren’t cold. First, to get them used to sleeping in the coop, you should put them in there with food and water for a whole day so that they “ aren’t scared.” Then let them out in the morning. A coop should have space for about 5-6 chickens. Each chicken should have about ½ a foot of space. It is also convenient to have a nesting box so they can lay their eggs in it and so it is easy for you to collect them.


Chickens love to eat many things. When they are young they should eat chick feed. When they are pullets you should mix layer pellets and chick feed. When they are adults you should give them layer pellets and small stones. You are probably thinking” what right there! Stones?” Yes, stones are good for your chickens because they don’t have teeth so they eat rocks. To give your chickens treats you can treat them to table scraps and/or cracked corn. But be carefull!! Cracked corn warms you chickens, so in the summer be wise!!

never do this

This is a list of things you should never try!

Use leashes that go around the neck and neck alone.

Overlook mites

Not fox/wolf/raccoon proof

The leashes have a high risk of choking or even death!! If it goes around the body and not the neck it’s fine.

Mites are little bugs that can get on your beautiful birds and bother them. [ they are like fleas for chickens.] You should check for mites commonly. If you don’t put fencing around the coop and close the door every night it could attract wolves foxes and other predators.

all the things you need and more!!

All the things you should buy [and more!] when they are chickens you should buy,

Heat lamp

Chick feed

Chicken wire [to go over the box]

Water holder

Marbles to go in the water

Food holder [the ones with the covers work best]

The one with the cover is good because they may poop in it and make a mess.

Here is a list that is all the things they need when they are pullets and older

Layer feed


Large water holder

Food holder


Chicken wire

You will need to make sure that you get bigger water and food holders because it your chickens get bigger and older. You put marbles in the water when they are chickens because they may drown if it is to deep.

growing chickens

Chickens will grow and change from a small fluffy chick to a large firm feathered chicken. The chicks will hatch wet but when they dry they will be cute little fluff balls. You can tell that your babies are growing because they will get larger/darker feathers. Then they will become pullets when they have all adult feathers but aren’t full grown. You should be able to if they are roosters or not by now. They will then become hens/roosters when they are full grown.

Chickens make great pet, so beg your family for the best pet ever!!! by; Ava wenzel


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