2019 ~ A Photographic Review ~

Ed Lloyd Owen is an International Expeditionary & Event Photographer.


When I created an annual photographic review for 2018 this time last year, I had no idea that everyone would be so interested; so many people got in touch that I thought I'd repeat the exercise...

2019 was another cracking year, with much globe-trotting and much taking of photos, both with the Army and not; I managed to get on a plane to Central Asia, The United States of America, and both West and East Africa, as well as the usual shenanigans throughout Europe. Countries visited include: 🇨🇭🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇹🇫🇷🇪🇪🇰🇿🇳🇬🇰🇪🇲🇹

I do hope you like this year's little offering (should have finished it in January - sorry!) and, of course, if you'd like to talk about wedding photography, an expedition you are putting together, getting your huge personal archive of photos into albums and books, or even just book a straightforward portrait session, then do get in touch through the contact page. In the meantime...

Enjoy. 👊


Once again, there has been plenty of photographic opportunity on my jaunts to some far-flung places...

(Click on all images to view full screen - Mt Kenya seen here)

Zebras at Sunrise in Laikipia
The Boston Mail
The Boston Waterfront
The Backside of Mont Gele


The seasons here in the mountains round Verbier are as majestic as ever - long winters, snap summers and barely any spring or autumn at all!

Sunset over Sembrancher

When it does work though, it works pretty well! Another good snow year...


But as before, it's not all about the mountains.

Samuel Adams in Boston
Babushkas in Estonia
Soldiers in Nigeria
Pseudo-Magicians in London
and, of course, who can forget the famous Maltese Salmon?!


Not as many weddings as last year, but the ones I did photograph were equally spectacular...


First up was my sister at home in South Acre Church, followed by an epic party - hangover central...!

Always totally serious.
A certain uncle of mine got his hands on the bridal bouquet.
Gone. (Thank you for taking her off our hands, Julian! 😝)


You can't get more classic than a Suffolk church and a marquee in the field... Albeit with a Hong Kong twist!


And then another timeless wedding with a totally different slant, back at my alma mater, in the chapel at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Berkshire...


And then a total change of pace, whizzing across the pond, to witness cousin Louise marry her All-American Hero, Chad, at Brant Point, Nantucket MA...

Very much as a guest this time - lovely to be off-duty!

A certain uncle of mine sporting his best Worzel Gummidge meets Gordon Gecko look.


And finally, a dash for a long weekend to Malta to photograph the epic nuptials of Hannah & Godfrey - a phenomenal church and glamorous parties on the top of ancient fortresses, hotels and beach clubs! A stunning three days!

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As ever, people need to be fed and watered, and there are some seriously talented chefs out there - a special mention to the Army chefs who put on a white-table cloth buffet lunch for 30 VIPs, 40 miles from camp in the Kenyan bush, surrounded by all manner of very large wild animals! 🙈


Inevitably, serious events are held at serious locations, and, again, this year I've been to some pretty amazing buildings...

Almaty hotels...
Norfolk Barns...
Shoreditch bars...
Farnborough hotels...
The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
RMAS Chapel
Maltese Churches...
The Moon Room...
Boston from the Charles River


I'm lucky enough to occasionally lead some very talented and dedicated reservist soldiers - our job is to jump on a plane to go and photograph and film the British Army, at work and play, wherever they are in the world. 2019 saw me doing exactly that on three different continents...


2019 started with a brief jaunt to Kazakhstan of all places! The Defence Attaché in Almaty covers three countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgzstan - and he thought it a good idea to have a conference and training session to discuss Human Rights and Gender Equality in their respective militaries, hosted and led by British Army Gender Advisors and Lawyers.

Cue a gathering of Central Asian officers and soldiers (including 2 generals!) for a week in a hotel in Almaty...!!


My second trip in two years to Estonia was divided into two halves. Firstly at Tapa to witness the Estonia Flame Festival called 'Laulupidu' - a song and dance festival which happens every 5 years.

The flame travels round the country and culminates in a huge concert style festival in Tallin. Where we were in Tapa, the whole community turned out, and soldiers from both the British and French Armies who are currently stationed in Tapa Camp sang in Estonian to the assembled throng!

ESTONIA (Part 2)

And then it was onto exercise to photograph the combined forces of the British, French and our Estonian hosts conducting joint military manoeuvres on the local training area - in constant readiness as part of our commitment to NATO in case of a neighbour showing unnecessary aggression; no prizes for guessing to whom I'm referring!

Heavy metal doing its thing.
The French Foreign Legion.


Next stop was Nigeria where British Forces are training the Nigerian military in their never-ending struggle against Boko Haram. They come south to train with the British and then head back north to take on the insurgents.

Knowing this, they train hard and their British mentors are full of praise for them, but acknowledge that their weaknesses lie in their logistical and supply chains. It is Africa after all, and these things are perennial problems for every military.

Sports afternoon on a Friday - football, beloved of the Nigerians, is usually the central focus. Here, an away game for Scotland vs Nigeria!


And finally, a brief sojourn in Kenya to visit BATUK (British Army Training Unit Kenya) and again, a two stage visit.

First it was the visit of Commander Field Army (CFA) and General Officer Commanding 1 Division (GOC 1XX) to meet with the British Govt's representative to Kenya - the High Commissioner - and a series of senior Kenyan Defence Force officers.

The HC getting a brief on the true meaning of the word 'General'...
KHC meets CFA...
Laikipia training area... Regularly clearing elephants and other game with a helicopter so the exercise could proceed!
CFA & KDF General

KENYA (Part 2)

And then the following day, The Coldstream Guards conducted a dawn assault on a (mock) airfield and neighbouring village which was defended by a combined force of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Kenyan Defence Force.

Unsuccessfully as it turned out! 🤦🏻‍♂️

There's always a fusilier in the mix somewhere...
Kenyan Defence Force hoods!
CFA in full general mode!
Waiting for the assault to come in...
Chuntering (calling fire missions) from a sedentary position...
The KDF preparing for a (very) swift counter-attack...
Listening to the net...
Filming CFA's Christmas Message...
... And handing out some 'Well dones'.


And, of course, then there were the parties... As ever, they did not disappoint!

Keep dancing! 💃🕺

Barn dances...
Roof top pools...
Crazy marquees...
American breweries...
Cavalry champagne...
The Cavalry & Guards Club...
Lord Grantham...
And what year isn't complete without a bona fide marriage proposal?!

Boss des Bosses 2019

A huge success held towards the back end of the winter season on the lower slopes of Verbier and now into its 6th year, the 'Boss des Bosses' has become a firm favourite of the seasonaires and locals, as well as the teams from surrounding ski resorts who all compete in this epic contest with an alpine party atmosphere!

Masterfully led by DY Nico Rohan, it starts with the acrobatic skiing, excitement, thrills and spills in the afternoon, and then, as always, continues into the early hours of the morning in the famous Le Rouge Après Ski...

DJ Nico

(Photos of the after party not included for obvious reasons! 😝)

And then all kinds of other wonderful events...

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So, all told, another amazing year to have had the privilege to photograph. Always central to everything I do are the people with whom I work, as clients, guests or event organisers, and whether it's formal or informal, military or civilian, singles or couples, staged or just a simple candid shot, portraiture photography remains key to any set of photos I push out.

Here's a small selection of some of the brilliant people who have graced my lens in 2019 - thank you to you all!

ENDEX Team Photo in Estonia


'Take one of us, take one of us!' remains a familiar refrain, usually shouted at me from afar, and is an important subset of portrait photography; mates, family, colleagues or brothers- and sisters-in-arms, or simply just brothers... Any which way, it's always good to get that team shot for the wall!

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Elephants in Laikipia

So... here's to a great 2020!

There we go; a pretty packed year all told, but huge fun, great places visited, and wonderful people met! Thank you for posing for me if you have, and sorry if you haven't!! There's always this year!

Thank you also for getting to the end of my little 2019 review. Do get in touch with any photographic queries you might have: if you a need for a photographer for a wedding, a party, a charity or sporting event, anywhere in the world, please drop me a line through the contact page, ping me a WhatsApp or send me an email.

жақсы жүр, Ed x (Goodbye in Kazak!)

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2020 arrives in Verbier - see you in 2021!
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