Reflective Journal (Week two)

20th-27th March

Throughout this week we were working on the presentation. This had a slow start we both cracked on with it on Wednesday. On Thursday we done a practice run with Adam. He gave us some feedback for Friday so we know what we need to do. Our main criticism was that we need to talk in more detail and add more to the timescale. He said that others should take an example from us and he said he'd be happy with we presented to a professional company. This made both me and Dziliana feel happy with what we had done and took some of the nerves away.

On Monday we started the presentation but did not progress much on it. This was because we were not 100% sure on what needed to be in it. This meant we had not done much on it. We were ok with this as we could ask what needed to be in another day and get it done.

On Tuesday we did not work on it as we did not really have the time. In self directed I worked on some other work as Dziliana did not come to it. I worked on some English work.

On Wednesday night we talked on Discord and finished the document. We spent about an hour doing this. During the process we came up with the name for the game. Dziliana had thought of a few. We then selected our top 3 and decided on which one we liked the best. The game Guilt Street was chosen. We also like this name as guilt shows the hard choices you have to make and the guilt your character would feel when making choices in the game. We also came up with the Studio name. I was messing around with different names and then I heard someone feed the cats and said Catbox studios and Dziliana liked it so that was the studio name.

On Friday morning we finished off the feedback we had from Adam on Thursday. After we improved on what we needed to do, we then started to memorise what we needed to say. I was confident that I could talk ok in front of the other people. Dziliana was a little bit nervous.

In the afternoon we did our presentation. I believe it went well. This is because we did not have many questions back, leading me to believe that we had explained in enough detail so we did not need to give a lot of extra information. We both did stutter at times, but this would be expected. I am confident that we did fine.

We also had to do some research on the PEGI ratings to see where our game would come. The drug use we have in our game but we have done this in a way it will fall under 16 as it will be no heavy drugs but this could change later to less if we take things out.

We done our presentation on Google Drive. This is because we could share it with each other and work on it separately.


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