Trick My Eye What You not What You Get

Do you wear glasses, or do you have contacts on all the time? You may have had a laser surgery for your eyes? Either way, if you are one of the above, or none of the above, you must know how important the value of eyesight is. Maybe it's time you understand it in more depth...

The optic nerve (a cranial nerve), which carries impulses from the retina to the brain, as well as other cranial nerves, which transmit impulses to each eye muscle, travel through the orbit (the bony cavity that surrounds the eyeball)

An ophthalmic artery and a central retinal artery (an artery that branches off of the ophthalmic artery) provide blood to each eye.

Similarly, ophthalmic veins (vortex veins) and a central retinal vein drain blood from the eye. These blood vessels enter and leave through the back of the eye.

If the eye had the ability to zoom, wait, it actually does! You can zoom in with your eyes. That's why you can see objects at distance. But, you can't magnify the object. Because, it will require series of lenses, making a camera lens much more different from ours.

As you can see, these representations of the eye are absolutely fictional, and semi accurate, as they're forms of artwork. This goes back to the theory of our own perception of the reality. IF there is only one solid reality existing around us, but we all take something different away from it, what could actually be happening?

Visual Phenomena

Count the black dots

Interested? There's more, checkout the official seasons of Brain Games for more.

Look at these serious of beautiful images. Their colours give much more meaning to them, don't they? Now imagine not being able to see the colours, or seeing it much more differently than it is. How would that feel? Let us show you.

EnChroma Glasses are a great solution. See some of the reactions of people diagnosed with CVD who see certain colours for the first time.



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