5 Reasons You Need to Try Rizer's Steak Night

1. The FREE Blooming Onions

When you dine-in, your party receives a free blooming onion* and a basket of hot rolls as appetizers. Even though you could easily make a meal out of their deliciousness, make sure you save room for the main course!

2.The Steak (of course!)

When you order a 16-oz steak, the cooked steak on your plate is 16-oz! Each steak is peppered with spices and then cooked to perfection, leaving it tender, tasty, and juicy.

3. The Largest Baked Potatoes You've Ever Seen

On average, it will take (in true Paula Deen fashion) a Southerner 6 butter scoops to fill one baked potato that nearly takes up half of the plate. Side note: Their largest served baked potato on record was 2lbs.

4. The Sides

The best part is that you get two. The hard part is choosing from their long list of veggies!

5. The Atmosphere is Unbelievable

The hand-crafted (by the owner!) tables, simple country decor, and cozy quarters define the idea of southern comfort.

Rizer's Steak Night is from 5pm-9pm. They are every second and fourth Saturdays of the month from January-August. Reservations are not allowed but you are encouraged to call and notify the staff if your party is over 10 people.

* Blooming onions are free while supplies last.