23 February 2017/27 SHEVAT 5777

Term 1 Week 4

Shabbat Commences 6.44pm/Shabbat Terminates 7.40pm

Prime Minister Netanyahu visits Australia

The events of this week have reminded us all how lucky we are to live in a country that is so openly and staunchly supportive of Israel. It was a historic moment to witness the Prime Minister of Israel visit Australia and to see him address the Jewish community of Australia in Central Synagogue in Sydney. And while Prime Minister Netenyahu joked that the Australian Jewish community leaders have been ‘uncharacteristically patient’ in waiting for an Israeli Prime Minister to visit our shores, the need to be patient never diminished our love for, and support of, our Jewish homeland.

As we have come to expect from Prime Minister Netanyahu, the entire speech was brilliantly crafted and spoken, however, my favourite moment was when he spoke of (Carmel school trip) Shorashim! In answering a question on the secret to Israel’s success, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the secret lies in a ‘continual quest for the future, with a deep regard for our past, for our roots’. That Israel is a like a tree, with roots that flow deep into the ground and has branches reaching up into the heavens. The combination of tradition and innovation is what makes Israel makes Israel thrive.

It is this combination of tradition and innovation, of roots and branches, that we allow our Year 10s to experience on their ‘Shorashim’ trip. And the importance of this trip, its potency that ignites Zionism and Jewish connectedness, was so brilliantly articulated by our country’s guest this week. As we enter Shabbat, I think of how proud I am, as an Australian, as a Jew, as a Zionist. I am privileged to have beheld this moment that solidified the intensely strong bond between Australia and Israel.

Knowing who we are

Nine years ago, Professor Andrew Marcus from Monash University conducted an extensive and detailed survey of Jewish life in Australia. Named the ‘Gen08 survey’, its purpose was to provide further understanding of the demographic characteristics of the Jewish population and of the constant and changing patterns within the Jewish communities of Australia and to provide the knowledge base to inform communal planning. It provided a snapshot of Jewish Australia and gave us insight into what was needed to ensure Jewish continuity for generations to come.

The findings of the survey were enlightening and comforting. The money and resources spent on Jewish schools had been worth it. Students who had attended a Jewish school were more likely to be engaged in Jewish activities and attached to the Jewish community. Schools, coupled with input from active and vibrant youth movements were shown to be essential in forming Jewish identity and maintaining Jewish identification. The outcome of the survey was not only assuring for those who had made significant sacrifices to send their children to a Jewish school, but also informative for the way Australian Jewish communities should allocate their precious resources. Two of the reasons why the Perth Community is as vibrant and enduring as it is, are because we have a strong, first class Jewish Day School that is the heart of the community, and we also boast of two energetic and dedicated youth movements in Bnei Akiva and Habonim. The Perth Jewish community invested where it mattered and now we punch way about our weight when it comes to connected Jewish living.

Once again the Australian Jewish community will participate in the Gen17 survey. I urge you to sign up and play your part in this examination of Jewish Australia. The information received will help shape the next decade, and possibly the next generation of Jewish life in this country. More information can be found at

I’m looking forward to reading about everything that Perth is doing right in terms of Jewish living for tomorrow.

Shabbat Shalom


2017 Carmel Masquerade Dinner and Dance

Students and staff celebrated in style on Sunday night at Carmel School’s Masquerade Dinner Dance. Held at the Bendat Parent and Community Centre in Wembley, students started the night with sunset pictures against a lake and city backdrop. All of the students looked stunning and were keen to head on in to the magical dining room, lit up with fairy lights and tables dusted with sparkles. A fantastic night of great food, and even better dancing was had by all who attended.

Year 11 and 12 School Ball

Swimming Carnival

Primary School Faction Swimming Carnival 2017

The Primary School Faction Swimming Carnival was held at Bayswater Waves last Friday in perfect conditions with an appreciative and vocal gallery on hand to cheer for their favourites. Participants had been training and trialing for their various events in preceding weeks and were keenly anticipating the competition with their peers. The first event of the day was the 100m freestyle for the year 5/6s. Competition was fierce with a strong contingent of Yr 5s pushing the 6s hard, keen to earn valuable house points for themselves and their faction. The majority of children swam in the 50m races and it is always pleasing to see the focus and determination from everyone who enters the water. There were many close finishes and great sportsmanship was evident throughout the day.

Faction captains had prepared their teams with songs and chants and the spirit and camaraderie was at a high. The Year 3s spent some time at the pool viewing the spectacle in preparation for next year when they too, will be involved. At the end of the day Sinai triumphed as worthy winners of the Dryen Family Swimming Trophy for the best faction. The various champions and runners up are listed below. Congratulations to everyone for a most fantastic morning.

Primary School Swimming Carnival

Primary School Swimming Carnival Trophy Winners 2017


The High School House Swimming Carnival was a tremendous success on Friday February 17th. The level of participation was excellent with many A, B, and C division races completed. The House system continues to be popular with students and staff alike embracing the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of this system.

Congratulations to the champion swimmers listed below, the champion House - Yerushalayim – and to all those who participated. Well done to Shiran Vider, who was the Most Outstanding Senior Swimmer. There were also 5 records broken on Friday by Brynn Twyman (2) Riley Twyman, Lev Kagan and Shiran Vider.

Special mention to the House Captains for their outstanding preparation and input into the day. My personal thanks also go to all of the staff and students who helped to make this a successful day.

High School Swimming Carnival

High School Trophy Winners 2017

Purim 2017

Purim is on its way! Staff and students are very excited to celebrate here at school on the 10th March. An email has been sent to all parents in Years 1-6 outlining the day’s events. The Primary School students do not have themes this year and can dress up as they please.

Prep Hebrew News

Prep students are using many different mediums to learn the letters of the Alef bet!

Prep students practicing the Alef Bet

Year 10 Business Studies

Students in Year 10 were treated to a talk about share investment by Mr. Colin Thorpe. An avid and successful investor, Colin taught the students about the importance of investigating the value of a company through the study of its financials as well as keeping a steady head and riding through the ups and downs of the share market.

We thank Colin for giving of his time to talk to our students and for sharing his advice and wisdom.

News from the English department

Year 7 and 8 Book Talk

Year 7 and 8 students were treated to an engaging and informative book review session with a guest speaker from Campion Education last week.

These students are undertaking an independent reading program one lesson per week this year, and the purpose of this talk was to help them select some age and interest appropriate books, as well as to get them excited and engrossed in the book selection process.

The speaker provided insight into, and reviews about, a wide variety of genres and recent publications that were suitable for this age range.

Many students really engaged with this session and showed excitement in anticipation for their opportunity to read some of these selections.

Students were asked to vote on their choices and these will be purchased for the library for students to check out at their leisure.

We thank the speaker for her time and are hopeful that this session will encourage more students to read for pleasure.

Getting to Know Mr Michael Duthie

Note: We will be featuring a different English teacher every week

Why did you choose teaching as a career path?

Prior to teaching I managed a seafood café. We had quite a few migrant workers who came to Australia to learn English. I ended up helping and tutoring a few of them before each shift. One of them said that I should be a teacher, so I took their advice.

What do you enjoy most about teaching English?

I have enjoyed seeing the creativity that students possess. In Year 7 we are currently studying myths and fairy tales in class. It has been great to read so many wonderful and entertaining stories that the students have come up with.

What is your favourite book?

11/22/63 by Stephen King

What book are you reading now?

‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen

What are some of your favourite strategies to use in the classroom?

Anything that revolves around peer learning.

What is your favourite part about teaching at Carmel School?

The students. I have to budget an extra five minutes to walk from my office to the staff room during recess and lunchtime because students like to stop and chat. They are all so friendly and inviting.

Favourite colour?


Favourite quote?

“You are cool” – My Mother.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I lived in Hong Kong for four years.

News from the Primary Library

Thank you Jazz of Year 6.2 for your donation of Hebrew books and games from your home library.

Thank you Gemma for your kind donation of Judy Moody and the Bucket List by Megan McDonald and Magic Feet by Sherryl Clark with Ellyse Perry in honour of your forthcoming 8th birthday on 6th March.

Jazz and Gemma

Carmel School Musical– Save the Date!

Staff and students are currently hard at work preparing Carmel’s first musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Students are involved in all areas of the production, including performance, set design, chorus and musical accompaniment. Little Shop of Horrors is a musical in the horror-comedy-rock style, with music reminiscent of 1960s rock and roll, doo-wop and Motown.

Save the date now for an awesome night out! Shows will run April 2-4. More details coming soon.

Performing arts

We are calling for volunteers to help us sew costumes for the upcoming Performing Arts festival. If you can offer your services and some time to assist in measuring students please call Mrs Osrin on 92761900

Mazaltov to Tali Blumberg (Dorot Carmel 2016)

Mazaltov to Tali Blumberg who was awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship at the recent Curtin Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Tali is going to study Speech Pathology, we wish her all the best and Kol Ha Kavod!

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