Gaia Katie hawkins

Gaia: Goddess of Earth and all creation.

Gaia is the mother of all creation and the planet earth. It was said that the earth was actually formed on her body. The mountains and seas lay atop her chest. She even was the mother of the heavenly gods who were created through the union of her and Uranus, the gods of the sea through Pontos, The giants through Tartaros. She saved Zeus when Cronos ate his other children and even helped him with the war between the Titans and the Gods. But she was very upset and angry when Zeus through the titans and Cronos into The Pit of Tartaros. Twice she tried to seek revenge on Zeus and twice she failed. And now she simply watches over the earth as it's mother.

If I had to give Gaia any character traits, My first one that I would give her would be Loving.

You may wonder as to why I would give her a character trait such as loving. But, the way i see it, she loves her family besides there mistakes. She just wants what's best for her family. I mean she did give birth to a lot of them and the rest were born from her children and their children. Just like any mother, the only real big difference is the extremities that apply to this particular family and mother. They are gods and titans. So naturally the difficulties are a bit more intense, extreme, and life changing. The fate of the world and life as we know it rely's on there family's conflicts, choices, and outcomes.

The second character trait that i would give her would be Clever.

I would give her the trait clever because of what she has done. She substituted Zeus with a grapefruit with the same weight and size so that Cronos would not eat him. She also helped Zeus as he grew up and defeat Cronos. She has many tricks up her sleeve, just as a mother would.

The third trait that I would give Gaia would be Overprotective.

She is extremely over protective in my eyes. She wants to make sure that there is peace in the world. She helped Zeus defeat Cronos, but was angered when he threw Cronos into Tartarus. She was so upset that she tried twice to defeat him in letting Cronos out of Tartarus. Both times she failed though. All the while, she wanted to keep the Earth and it's citizens and life forms safe. She has a lot of things to protect. I would be pretty over protective if i had to keep all of those safe too.

If I had to give Gaia's story a theme, it would be, "Family Comes First".

When you think about it really, everything that she did, she did it for her family. She was being a mother. She was trying to protect everything that she gave birth to and raised. She saved Zeus from Cronos, She helped save the world from the titans, and she tried to save Cronos and other titans from the pit of Tartarus. Everything that she tried to do, she did it to help or save her family or creation. Her priorities were simply: Family first, others later.

My Discussion statement is that Gaia is the best motherly figure.

Though it is true that her actions seem quite extreme, but you must also understand that she is an extremely important person. She is literally the mother of all of creation. She is the mother of the gods and Titans. She protects everything. Her entire life effects everything with an intensity. So when you measure the extremities, her actions are about as extreme as any common day mother. She is loving, caring, and as sweet as sugar. But, she knows when to put her foot down. Just like a mother should.

I just love this picture of her!

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