ANXIETY Worry, doubt and fear

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the body's response to situations outside your typical comfort zone. The emotions that result from these situations could be the feeling of dread, uneasiness, fear, tension and other feelings.

This doesn't mean that if you experience an uneasy feeling every so often during uncomfortable situations, that you have an anxiety disorder, it's much greater or more complicated than this. Typically, those who suffer from anxiety experience feelings which are, at times, disproportionate to the situation.

What just happened?

The 18 year old girl in the above video began thinking about her bills, responsibilities and the difficulties of her life at the moment. Although these situations can be tough, she began to panic. This caused her heart and breathing rate to increase substantially, she collapsed and major cramping occurred.

This is just one example. A panic attack can present itself in many ways, including; loss of speech, difficult speech, profuse sweating, becoming lightheaded and other symptoms.


How do we cope or deal with situations such as this?

First, understand it is not easy to cope with anxiety and the various coping mechanisms out there may not work for everyone.



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