Time out By David hill fiction. Award winning author David hill a journalist and playwright has written for both adults and children. A resident of new Plymouth new Zealand he taught high school for fourteen years before he began to write children's books. It takes place on the road. A sixteen year old boy lives to run.shunned at school and anxious over his parents separation, he spends every second he can not on the black top until the swerving truck ... the angry cloud. a wild dive to the side of the road. suddenly he is catapulted into what seems to be a parallel universe and the sixteen year boy his name is Kit.Kit also is the main character in the book time he's the one always running sometimes he's gets very lonely and just thanks about the world. he's a small kid just 16 and fast.and at the he learns to enjoy life vocab 1.glimpsed 2.dizzily 3.amazement 4.assembly 5.descriptive


Created with images by Niky_filipova - "alarm clock black and white reflection" • chrgerhart - "united kingdom clock clock tower"

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