Free Arts NYC By Danielle Mclaughlin

Free Arts NYC is a nonprofit arts organization located in Manhattan that aims to enrich the lives of toddlers, children, teens, and their families in underserved areas through the arts, at no cost.
Through their teen arts programs, young adults at Free Arts NYC get the opportunity to experience an arts education through portfolio development, access to various cultural institutions, and career counseling. The organization also provides day programs, pop up festivals, internships, and professional development.
Free Arts NYC utilizes three main methods:
  • Their "strengths-based youth programs" are centered around emphasizing the skills that students already posses, then further expanding those skills.
  • They provide aesthetic education through the students' production and analysis of art. Additionally, they promote a "no mistakes in art" philosophy.
  • Free Arts NYC also recruits volunteer mentors and coaches from surrounding communities to work closely with participants and their families.
One of the organization's most recent events, the annual "Art from the Heart" exhibit, celebrated the work of young artists in East Harlem. Families, volunteers, and staff gathered to celebrate the students' achievements.
Free Arts NYC benefits its community through improving the communication skills, problem-solving skills, and self-esteem of participating youth.
Through the organization's Arts Mentoring program, 97% of youth reported being able to better communicate their feelings and needs to others. This is accomplished because the arts not only provide a mode of communication, but they can teach how to put one's thoughts into words more effectively.
With the help of Free Arts NYC, 99% of participating parents modeled problem-solving situations for their children to follow. With the help of the organization's 8-week PACT program, parents worked with their children to develop this skill through teamwork within arts projects.
Self-esteem was boosted in the children working with Free Arts NYC, as 99% reported feeling pride in their work after taking part in their various programs. Specifically, the mentorship program created an environment that fostered a "no mistakes in art" philosophy, thus increasing positive attitudes within youth towards their art and themselves.
These benefits lend themselves to a better community because when children improve mentally, academically, and socially, their communities become stronger. This is because children are a huge component of a community.
As children grow older, they can take what they have learned in the programs and apply it to their own lives. With new skills and better mindsets, they can do better for themselves and, in turn, their surroundings. This will improve the community in terms of education, openness, aesthetics, and social capital.
Promotions of Extrinsic Benefits on the Free Arts NYC website.
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