The World According to Chase H.


Everest Risk or Not


Globalization making the world stronger or weaker?

Q & A

What makes a good citizen?

To be a good citizen, you must have responsibilities in order to follow the law. For example if there is a fine for littering, that is your responsibility to follow it. Good citizens also have to be informed of what you should do. For example a good citizen would vote because it helps the country choose leaders. In conclusion a good citizen should know their rights, responsibilities, and stay informed of what's going on in order to follow the law and help their country.

Voting Booth

What is the difference between limited and unlimited government?

There is a difference between unlimited and limited government for the amount of power they have. Limited government has rules and can't do anything they want. For an example, take the US we have a limited government. Because our leaders can't do whatever they want. We have a limited government. Unlimited government can do whatever they want, and no one can stop them. For example, dictatorship is unlimited because there is nothing anyone can stop the dictator. Also North Korea is an example of unlimited government. Limited and unlimited government are different in looking of the power the government has and the “say” people have.

Limited Government

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

In the nations of the European Union, there are forces that work for and against supranational cooperation.The Euro is a centripetal force because it helps to unite the people of the EU because they all have the same currency.Having the Euro as a common currency makes it easier to travel and trade within the European Union. The wealth difference between Western Europe and Eastern Europe is a centrifugal force.The difference in wealth works against supranational cooperation because Western Europe doesn't want to pay for Eastern Europe’s jobs.In conclusion, the European Union has centripetal forces and centrifugal forces that work for and against supranational cooperation.

EU flag

How do people adapt to living in a desert climate?

People adapt to a desert climate by creating innovative systems (clothing, houses, food) to survive in the harsh environment. In the desert climate environment there are many strong desert storms. People adapt to this by covering their whole body with black or dark blue cloth as part of a religion. To survive they find oasis to drink and use date palms.There are very little resources in desert climates so most people must use raw materials. They are very innovative and use the most of their resource. For example people wear long cloth that covers up their whole body in desert storms to protect their skin. People also find oasis and make many uses out of date palms. These are trees that grow date fruits to eat, have wood that can be made for building homes, and have leaves that can make long lasting fires. People can also make money for food and water by growing cash crops. People often make many trades in desert environments. Some people grow crops that use little water and are easy to grow, but other people grow cash crops like peanuts which is hard to grow in the soil that the desert environments have but can be sold for other materials. It's not easy to survive in a desert environment. People have to be very innovative and must use their materials wisely. With the right survival skills these people can have a good life surviving in the desert.

Desert Environment

How has oil helped to shape a region?

Oil has made some regions life expectancy go up. Oil is one of the richest non-renewable resources in the world. Some countries use all this money to help the way people live. Many countries in southwest and Central Asia are rich in oil and they have tons of money. This can be a huge adventure to the way people live. Many of these countries also use the money for something else which could cause conflict and result in people's life expectancy down. When a countries has a lot of oil they have a lot of money and they can start to be greedy. The OPEC is an organization that has many countries that share oil. When one country gets to much oil they can stop sharing the oil and start going solo. This can be a problem because it can slowly drag the OPEC down. Oil is a great resource to have. It can bring great things to a country but if not used correctly, it can bring problem.

Oil drilling


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