MUSIC Miguel Ramírez López

What is?

the art of organizing sensitively and logically a coherent combination of sounds and silences using the fundamental beginning of the melody, the harmony and the rhythm, by means of the intervention of psico-mental complex processes.

My sleep

tomorrowlandIt is a festival of electronic music celebrated in Belgium. Organized for Id&t and Entertaiment, Entertaiment and media enterprise. The first edition was August 14, 2005. Annually there help 360000 persons of 75 different countries. Tomorrowland has turned into one of the more important festivals of music of the world

Why have I taken the music?

I believe that the music it is the universal language in the world. The music transmits feelings you can know how a person is alone knowing to what he listens. He thinks that the music is very important in this life since he always accompanies you.



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