3D Printing By kamila na

I was inspired by this Christmas tree because it has like little details that i really like because my project is 3D Printing. It inspired me because Christmas is coming and I had the idea to putted by my tree. People star decorating trees because is celebrating to Good because of the sun ond the world.

I needed to put the star with the tree because when u ese a 3D printer the everything need to be together & if a line is separated the 3D printer wont printed that well and it maybe get destroyed. For example I had to make the star together with the tree because if i make the star separate from the Christmas tree it won't work. I was shire that my Christmas tree would print because the star was together with the tree.

I had to verify if my 3D print had positive and negative spaces. First I had to take a picture of my design. When I took the picture whit the app (PrintShop) when I took a picture a had to verify that everything was hi light with green. The green means what is going to print &a what is not going to print. When everything was green I was ready to print.

First I wanted my 3D Printing flexible but the problem was that we didn't had filament green. The good part was that they did had filament green but it wasn't going to be flexible. I learn that if it doesn't have positive sapaces and negative spaces is not going to look good. Another thing was that if it has really tiny details is going to be difficult to print.

I really like how it came because I love the shape of the tree, and the star every thing was great. I really liked because I did positive & negative spaces. If I had the chance to makes again. I would only my a hole in the star so it could be a keychain but everything else was awesome because.

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