Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author, and the executive producer of The Whatever It Takes network. He has founded three companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group. He has shared his sales and business expertise as a motivational speaker and author of seven books: Sell to Survive; The Closers Survival Guide; If You're Not First, You're Last; The 10X Rule; Sell or Be Sold; The 10X Quote Book; The Millionare Booklet; and Be Obsessed or Be Average.



He says that if you approach success in any other way like most people are, you're not going to be successful.

"You're not going to be successful if you don't demand it. If you literally don't stake a claim to it and say THIS IS MINE."

Just imagine if you put the same degree of obligation obeying your boss, showing to work on time, or even paying your mortgage not because you couldn't wait to give your money up, but for you to have a roof on top of your head, you must. With that attitude you must literally take it as your obligation, as if you got no other choice to become successful.

2. Make deals a prioRity

You have to do things that will make you money, because the priority is to make money

Grant says you have to make time for actions that will make you money. You have to prioritize things, and do those things first, and even if you have to put in time and energy to your sales training.

In one of his videos he makes a rhetorical statement that if you had to chose between eating that cheese burger in front of you or attend to a costumer to possibly make a deal, hopefully you'll choose to serve that costumer instead.

So Grant points out that most sales managers say that they don't have time for sales training, because they don't believe sales training will convert to a profitable return of investment.

He says those people that say they don't have time, while in truth they don't make the important things a priority so they don't get the time it deserves.

You have to do things that will make you money, because the priority is to make money.


"You want your work ethic so high that people actually admire you."

If people don't know you by your unbelievable work ethic, then that means you're not working hard enough as Grant says.

Let's face it, if people do say that you work like a maniac, crazy, or a workaholic, then that means you're actually doing something more than the average person.

He adds, "the truth is no matter how good your ideas are, how good your art is, or how good your skill set is, if you're not working man, if you're not vibrating at a frequency that people say 'OMG! How does that guy do all that?' You're not gonna make it.

"The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure" book explains why you have to take ten times the action you thought required to achieve your goal if you want to guarantee success.

You have to be taking massive actions at 10x levels and not what the average population thinks it takes to achieve a goal, to get the success you truly want.


Accelerate your success by taking massive action. Starve your fear by taking more action.

When you say that you could do something, when you say that it's possible, when you say that you can actually do it, but next day comes and says, "nah that's too hard" you have to learn to ignore that voice.

Even when you got a full tank on, ready to fire things up, you'll almost always have that one guy in the back saying to slow down, pressuring a mental break, you have to learn SAY NO to that guy, and keep looking forward and accelerate.



"There is so much abundance in negativity , that by itself tells you why there's no value in it"

"Negativity is just negative. There's no money in it"

It's like that little man putting the mental breaks on your progress, stay away from it. When that negativity strikes, go ask your self instead... "What is the solution?"

Grant adds, "There is so much abundance in negativity, that by itself tells you why there's no value in it"

Stay away from negativity. Period.


"You gotta make a commitment to make a target" Grant mentions that every time his company doesn't reach his sales targets, he reminds his entire team what the target is by asking where they are right now.

"No target results in no sales" and I find that so true, how do you successfully shoot something if you don't see it.

"You gotta make a commitment to make a target"

That target also has to be measurable, even by hourly. In his 10x planner , he breaks down the day in phases of a few hours. Think about it, if you were able to plan for the whole day then measure your progress hourly, how laser-focused would you be?

Have a target and measure it regularly.

7. Don't Depend on one product

Build multiple flows of income that are symbiotic so they compliment each other

Grant doesn't have just one product, he doesn't just depends on one flow. This goes perfectly with instead of having one flow of income, it's better to have multiple streams of income.

Be like Grant, he has his speaking gigs, his webinar programs, his sales training program at, his mp3s, his books, and many other products.

Grant's favorite animal, the octopus. The multiple tentacles this animal have symbolizes multiple flows of income. Just as how if one of the tentacle breaks down, it still has the other seven.

He says it's better to build one flow of income that runs parallel or symbiotic to the first stream of income so that they compliment each other.

He also recommends that if you're not willing to go all in on one deal, and what he means by that is if you're not willing to put your money where your mouth is, don't do it at all!


Grant says, "there's so many mistakes sales people makes... you gotta get down to the main ones like selling the solution, or even before that a lot of sales people don't show enthusiasm, or life to the sales cycle"

He then tells a story of how he was shopping for a watch and the sales person could not close the sales cycle. So after he left the store, his wife Elena asked him how the sales person could've closed the cycle as Grant came in wearing a similar priced-watch, he knew exactly what he wanted, and apparently qualified to the buy the watch.

"Believe that you can close every single costumer"

Grant answered with, "the sales person could've added life to the sales cycle, he could've kept the cycle open" and what he meant by that the sales person didn't believe in himself enough to close the deal as he didn't show any enthusiasm to the interaction.

Grant says go approach all costumers and all sales cycle with belief that it can be closed right then and there

9. Work to your potential

Work to your potential not your quota. Grant says if you ever wonder why these people that made it still keep pushing, is that they don't operate on quotas, they operate on potential.

"Quotas are just numbers, they're almost arbitrary. Don't let anyone set your target for you. Work on your potential."

They're driven to reach their potential, and this is also tied to their obligation to go beyond average.

Grant says, nobody is out there to tell you what your capable of, in fact you and yourself only knows what you're capable of.

Quotas are just numbers, they're almost arbitrary. Don't let anyone set your target for you. Work on your potential.

10. Don'T quit

There's a small video of Grant giving advice where he tells that there will be times where things are not gonna go your way. In those situation, keep moving forward and no matter what you do, don't quit.

Keep on going!

That's what really separate between who makes it and who doesn't, the ability to persevere.


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