Germany November 2015

So many years ago when I was in school our German class was taking a trip to Germany. I was not able to go on that trip that year. However all of us in the class got the privilege of listening to the planning that went into it. Of the various locations they were to visit was the Neuschwanstein Castle. At the time I was not able to go on the trip and just hearing the stories about this castle were always on my mind. A castle that was built by a mad king way up that you had to walk to get their.

As we rounded the bend on the bus

So majestically it sits way at the top looking over the country side below. Can you imagine being King Ludwig II in 1886 when he picked this location? Think about how this location could protect them in days of war. Looking down on the country side and possibly seeing your enemies coming. Looking at the land that you rule below. You can see for miles up here.

Lauren up in the balcony in the castle

They would have been lucky a horse could have done this. Picture riding a horse or a small horse drawn carriage to take you up. As you climb you look out at the country side and the beauty that it has to offer.

Should you have time take the carriage up! However it only takes you 1/2 way.

Of coarse at that time they would have to use the trail to the castle. However you could take the shortcut. This wonderful bridge! It was closed when we were there so it was the long route up.

Short cut
See the waterfall.

Finally you reach the main gate. The main entrance. Picture arriving to this on horse back. A fairytale come true. So stately and majestic!

Finally made it to the castle

But at last that is not how the true story goes. He build this as a retreat away from the disappearing kingdom that once was his families. The land below was no longer theirs and he was a king with no kingdom. In fact he did not even see his castle finished. There were no balls or courtly affairs to grace the halls of this amazing monument. It is so fitting that Walt Disney made it into his Fairytale castle for all his balls to take place in a dream. If it could not be in real life than at least in make believe.

the front of the castle

Was it worth all the years delay to go and see my fairytale castle. Yes! I would do it again many times over.

café ca

When you go give your self the entire day. There are two castles located on the site. The original family castle which is just as magnificent in it own right. I would suggest arriving first thing in the morning (check the schedule) and do the first castle. Then have lunch and give yourself a good 3 - 4 hours between tours. That way you have time to walk up and enjoy the journey. Also the lunch in the café was quite enjoyable.

if you are board you can always take selfies

We took the train from Munich to Fussen and then a bus to the castles. The trains do offer express service and some that require a change. We opted for the express trains. Once in Fussen we literally just crossed over to the bus. The return journey was the same. We had additional time and was able to wonder around Fussen before the train back. It was very nice.

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