Lydia Broadnax By audrey moussazadeh
Above is a photo of a box compass. A box compass is used to determine the direction that the ship is sailing, so that they knew where they were going and would not get lost. They sailed all the way from England to Virginia using this tool. It is made of wood, metal, and a magnet. The British introduced this tool.
This is the interior of a Powhatan home. They did not spend time in their homes, except for when they went to bed at night because they were working outdoors all day. However, if someone was sick they'd be in their home more. The home was made out of straw that was woven together. The structure is called the yahakin. The yahakin is made out of small trees (saplings) that would bend with the wind.
I, Lydia Broadnax, used to be enslaved. However, after my owner, George Wythe, freed me, I have continued to work for him. I recently started cooking for him and earning a profit. Since I prepare meals, I need food to cook. To get the food, I always go to the kitchen. They make fine food that is easiest for us because it's closest and is priced decently, enough for us to afford. Even more so, the government provides the food for us to cook, so it makes it even cheaper since it is not crops that the Virginia planters are growing for a profit.
Since I am cooking for Wythe again now that I am free, it is important that I always have meals prepared when they are needed. I cooked in this kitchen; it's outdoors and has more than enough space needed to cook each day. Compared to most homes at least, but compared to the rest of George Wythe's home it is tiny. Every morning I am up by six, and must to have eight dishes prepared for dinner by two o'clock in the afternoon. I have lots of cooking to do! In the summer I quickly overheat, which makes my job even harder. We do not have electricity and candles are too expensive to be using regularly, so there is no way to be cooking at night for our dinners. Therefore, we often have a small snack at around eight or nine in the evening to refill our stomachs. Lots of leftovers were eaten too, for example we even have pie for breakfast some days!
Above is a photo of the exterior of George Wythe's home.

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