How's the Harn? Let's find out- Carlo lopez

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

There was one exhibit, a stature translated as Stream that had caught my eye. It did not look whole, but rather almost striped, and I could not understand why. The power of the internet being what it is I quickly searched up the name Fujikasa Satoko so I could understand what I was seeing. I realize the point of this page is to know how one feels seeing art in person but I have never been skilled in appreciating art and a bit of a push certainly helps. It was worth cheating a bit to learn the process Satoko takes. Each statue is made up of countless millimeter thin strips of clay layered on top of each other. The almost striped illusion I had seen was actually the reality. I still can not believe the patience such an artist can carry to make their mind's dream come true.

Hiten:Seraphim by Fujikasa Satoko

Design of the Museum

A wasted opportunity for my sparks story and for myself personally in barely taking into account the countless days that must have been spent thinking about any random corner or turn in the museum. The best picture I could think of to show my thoughts would be to share a picture wherein I had not been considerate of my surroundings. Even in this seemingly random picture anyone can see the deliberate placing of the note, and the bold, yet silent, white wall carrying contrast to keep all artwork on it standing out. Each shade of paint and centimeters of placement (be they notes or artwork) were chosen for a specific purpose, to showcase the work of the artists.

Art and Core Values

I do not know if I do not understand art or if I do no appreciate it. I've had opportunities to see amazing pieces of work in the world from Smithsonian galleries to the Sistine Chapel and I have never been "moved" by a piece of work. I almost considered a defective aspect of myself, this sort of inability to feel something rustle inside me looking at art, whether it be a brand new idea or a strengthening of my values, I've felt close to nothing. The most I have felt is an awe at the creativeness and continued spirit of humanity. I am always happy looking at art not because the art makes me happy but because there are others unlike me to carry the torch of humanity throughout the ages and to keep ideas and values alive in ways words cannot for those that can translate. For those who can't: we'll be out of the way eventually.

Art and the Good Life

Earlier I discussed a wall, now I must mention the art work presented on said wall. The poster sent out to shout a message of injustice represents fighting. For a good life people cannot sit around and let the world go about opposite one's values. It is hard to believe that a person can live happy ignoring what they think is wrong in the world. This poster goes against a worldly status quo and regardless if someone believes in the message or not, they surely get across what they want to say and can be correct when the authors say that they stood up for what they believed for.

Created By
Carlo Lopez


Created with images by amurca - "man artist street" • idugh - "art" • Pexels - "chess board chessboard black and white"

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