Digital Video Class LEARNING JOURNAL Dave Coates

video class 1

Homework Assignment / Create a short video about you. This was a good start for me with shooting video on my phone and setting up this journal page. I can see the benefits for my students already.

This is the first class I have taken with Adobe and I think this is going to work very well for me. I just participated in the live class demo lecture and it was very motivating. I did my assignment after our live meeting so it was fresh in my memory and it worked. I can see why it is so important for students to have access to the content continuously for review and review again.

Assignment 1 - Color

video class 2

Doing the easy assignment this week was still very challenging. I am beginning to understand how patient I must be with this type of creative process. The bigger challenge is how do I create assignments for my students that will best fit their educational and creative needs?Plenty of problems with working through the software so I must stay focused on how difficult it can be for students. I can appreciate the workspace with Premiere Pro and how you can seem to get to a tool from many different directions but it can be very frustrating not understanding why something may not be working the way you are expecting it to work. I can see now that this will be a long and ongoing process.

video class 3

I now have a much better understanding why the film editors get frustrated and mad at the camera operators. Everyone who shoots video should also take the time to edit video because now I will be a better camera operator while I am shooting video. As a photographer who spent many hours in the darkroom processing and printing other photographer’s images I should have known how important the correct shots are and not to rely on the editor to solve all the problems. This time I used a GoPro camera so I was not thinking about my composition but I was conscious of the 180 rule and really enjoyed learning that process. My joke came from my daughter and I took advantage of her being home with my son and his friend. I think next time and going forward I will begin to do more preplanning for the shoot. The more I learn the Premiere Pro CC software the more I am enjoying this class.

video class 4

I found the momentum project to be very challenging but insightful. I kept putting the assignment off thinking I wanted to shoot my own footage but realized that editing is not about shooting and editing someone’s footage can teach me how to shoot better. The lecture was helpful learning the small things to keep the pace and flow that you want to control with the clip. Each time I sit with the software I learn a little more and I gain a better understanding on how my students will need to spend their classroom time with these kinds of exercises. When I consider how to change the pace I can see how it works when you keep tweaking the shots even by moving them a single frame. Editing on the movement is the one huge take away for me with this project. It reminds me of a still photography quote, “if your pictures are not good enough you are not close enough”, and this will help me to remember. “If you are not cutting on the movement your clip will not be good enough.”

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