Resolution worth keeping! Get the skinny!

Resolutions tend to get lost a couple weeks into the new year. That is not unusual. Some are meant to be kept. One resolution that I intend to keep is the daily skin moisturizing. At no time of the year is imperative as the winter months. The cold, harsh weather is havoc on your skin.

Get the skinny on face and skin moisturizing............

For skin that needs hydration


In my youth, my face was extremely oily to the point I glistened. Blotting away the oil at that time in my life it never occurred to me that the oil in my skin is what kept it healthy, plump, and fresh looking. That oil also kept wrinkles at bay throughout my forties. Then it all changed in my fifties. Gradually the oils in my face and body tapered off to the point I find that I'm replacing my dryer skin with moisture plumping oils. As your estrogen and progesterone plummet so does the lustrious skin on your face and body. Unless you're prone to dry skin as a rule, moisturizing your skin is a necessity after forty. After you've identified your skin type

Hydrate your Skin
Make Hancrafted Clay & Charcoal Skin Tonal Soap part of your skincare regime.

Simple Tips to Get More Moisture in your skin....

Humidify your bedroom with a cool air mist during evening hours. If you need more humidity close the bathroom door after bathing allowing it to steam. Great for the skin!

Hot baths dry the skin and zap the moisture from your skin. Bathe less frequently but when you do, use a hydrating and moisturizing soap. Try cooler water baths and use handcrafted Clay and charcoal soap as a regular part of your skin care regime.

Reduce inflammation of your skin by daily use of sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen even in the winter when you aren't in the sun. Apply it at night before going to sleep allowing it to soak into your skin. It will provide an emoillent to the surface, holding in moisture. The sunscreen has dual effect of minimizing the dreaded skin spots

Apply premium grade Shea butter to your face and neck before retiring allowing for absorption. Shea butter is fantastic in preventing skin breakouts while keeping the moisture in your skin. It may feel greasy for a little while but the benefits outweigh the greasy skin feeling. Beautiful hydrated, rejuvenated skin.

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