Digital Video the journey begins

A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Class 1 Assignment

To create 15 secs of video footage using still images

My video clip "Moody Blues" using shades of blue.

Selection of the images used in my first video assignment "Moody Blues".

Premier Pro ... the very first time I opened up Premier Pro and saw that user interface, my immediate reaction was just simply to close it down again fast, as it looked way too complicated and I felt rather intimidated !!

Video Editing ... I am so glad I persevered as I find the whole subject of video making and editing fascinating, and it has ignited my enthusiasm to learn & develop further, and this course provides that ideal platform.

Moody Blues ... My colour palette of choice was that of blue so went about sourcing images by selecting stills with varying degrees of colour intensity from pale to dark and also varying the textures, pattern & scale.

Created By
Ann Smith

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