A Smile Can Change Someone's Day By YJ Kim

What does the word 'KINDNESS' mean to you?

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate or a kind act.

One single random act of kindness can change people's day

Small act of kindness such as holding a door, helping elder crossing the street and more can change your day.

You may think "Why do I need to do an act of kindness to others? I don't get an advantage or anything for doing it."

Yes. You can think that way. However, actually kindness cycle.

This is a video about random act of kindness and how it gets back to you.

Now, how do you feel about it?

Your act of kindness moves on and on, people to people and arrives to YOU!

Together, we rise by raising up each other!

How do we raise up each other? By doing a random act of kindness!

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