Harnessing The Good Life at the Hard by Sarah david

Technique of the Artist

The painting "Northeast Gorge at Appledore" by Childe Hassam stood out to me while walking around the museum. The painting's brilliant colors are what grabbed my attention from across the room. In person you could see the multitude of paint strokes the artist used, which made me appreciate the painting even more. I could actually see how every paint stroke mattered and added slight details to the painting as a whole. The painting communicated adventure to me. In the painting, there is one person swimming in a gorge that appears to be far from other people and near a rocky hill or mountain. I wanted to adventure and journey to this gorge to explore the water and the mountain. The picture above does not do the painting justice, and speaks more to you in person.

Design of the Museum

I appreciated the design of the museum because it was very open for people to observe the art. This picture shows how the museum had very open rooms with pictures and paintings all on the wall and benches in between walls. I found this area of the museum visually appealing because of the lighting and because of the light pink hue the walls had. I could easily walk around in this certain area and constantly have more art to look at. I also appreciated the benches set up so you could sit down and relax while observing the art. With the amount of space in the room, I never really ran into any other people. Because of this I felt as if I could peacefully enjoy the art and have time to think about how it spoke to me.

Art and Core Values

The painting "Forest with Heron" by Herman Herzog stood out to me because it reminded me of sunsets on the inter coastal back home in Jacksonville. It reflects some of my core values because it represents peace, nature and home. I thought the painting was a picture of a peaceful evening immersed in nature. I love to be surrounded by nature and outside, and I think that one of my core values is being outside and appreciating nature. Another core value of mine is family, and since this painting reminds me of home it also reminds me of family. The painting instills memories and nostalgia for me of my childhood in Jacksonville. It also gave me a warm feeling of peace looking at the sunset and nature.

Art and the Good Life

One of the themes we have discussed in class for Good Life is sharing. I thought the picture taken by SebastiĆ£o Salgado was a wonderful representation of sharing the Good Life. The two men shown in the picture are standing on the side of a mountain with their arms spread out. The two look liberated with their arms out as they gaze at the beauty of the mountain. The two would probably have been content experiencing the mountain individually but sharing an experience with someone else causes unity. I think the picture represents unity between the two as they experience freedom up on a mountain. The picture added on to my appreciation of sharing. I even shared the moment of appreciating the picture with my friend who visited the museum with me.


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