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Alexander the 3rd of Macedon, but mainly known as Alexander the Great, is the child of Phillip the 2nd of Macedon who was the king of the Greek kingdom and died in 336 BC and eventually gave his place to Alexander because Olympias, his mom, who was the daughter of king Neoptolemus the first of Epirus, made sure Alexander got the spot. Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia, 356 BC. He was a member of the Argead dynasty and he spent his childhood watching his father form Macedonia into a great military power because they won a lot of victory's while his father was king.
Alexander the Great had many accomplishments. He did not loose a battle leading his men even after 15 years on conquering. He got his first victory at age 18. Alexander had an impressive reputation winning all the battles so fast. Winning the battles caused the smaller forces to get to the enemy line and break it. After Alexander secured his Greek Kingdom in 334 B.C, Alexander crossed into Asia where he won a series of battles with the Persians under Darius III. In the battles where they sword-wielded Persians, Alexander and his men used long 20 foot pikes called sarissa.
Alexander had found tons of cities and most of them were built by military forts that he named Alexandria. Most of the famous ones were founded at the Nile in 331 BC. The city traces he had left are marks of cities today that are called Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan. Alexander also found the city of Bucephala, that was named for his favorite horse(pic down below) that was wounded in the battle of the river.
After Alexanders capture in 327 B.C. of the Sogdian Rock, Alexander surveyed his captives when Roxanne, the teenage daughter of a Bactrian nobleman, caught Alexanders eye at a festival. Then in the wedding ceremony with his new wife Roxanne, the king sliced a loaf of bread in two with his sword and shared it with his new wife Roxanne.
6 years of attack on the Persian empire, in 330 A.D. Alexander had conquered Persepolis, the center of the Persian culture. Alexander said that the best way to control the Persians was to act like one so Alexander started wearing the clothes of Persians. In 324 he had a mass wedding in the city of Susa, where he forced 92 leading Macedonians to take Persian wives. Alexander then married two, Stateira and Parysatis.
Alexander the Great died in Babylon (323 BC). His death was unknown but people think Alexander was poisoned Because he suffered a high fever for 10 days. His body was treated by Egyptian embalmers. The remains of Alexander were drowned in honey to stave off decay. And year or two after Alexander’s death, his body had been sent back to Macedonia to be intercepted and then was sent to Egypt by Ptolemy the 1st, who was one of his former generals. A few months after Alexander had died, Roxanne gave birth to Alexander IV. Then another son who's name was Heracles of Macedon.
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